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Is the Copyright Office failing to register conservative leaning authors?

I read elsewhere on the net recently ofย  several conservative artists who claim it takes almost a year to get their online certificate of registration. In my case it is the typical slow Washington offices taking a very slow 6 months. I remember way back in 1978 when I first registered a title with them by mail it took about that long. These days, the Library of Congress has what they call the ECO system or “Electronic Copyright Online” option. It initially seemed faster when they first started it as I was a tester of it with my work. The copyright went right through and within about 45 days I received by mail a copyright certificate. Then it started to slow down as the months went by. I honestly believe this is what has really happened. It’s been my understanding these days that a usual copyright of material through ECO takes about 3 to 6 months if the submission was better. If there are issues, it could take a year.

According to my correspondence with the Copyright Office, they said the copyright is when it is officially submitted to them, so even if you have submitted something, it is protected when the initial submission and registration are performed online. There is a benefit to electronically filing over mailing a hard copy of the literary works. That instant file time is noted, so rest assured, the Obama Administration or anyone else has not yet weaponized this against their political foes. Whether it stays that way will remain to be seen, and when that day comes, you will most likely see artwork die in this country.

The U.S. Copyright office is located at this link

To Register through the ECO system go here.

If you want to search titles, authors and the records in the copyright office, you can go here…

Remember, if a title or artist doesn’t show, it could be either that they did not register their work with the government or if new work it might be pending which case it would not show up.


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Thursday’s Bug Segment #2

So today on “Thursday’s Bug” we try to find a new home for tada, these little guys.

Now are these guys on steroids or what. Running around looking for a new home so I think I found a place for Thursday’s Bug. It’s in uh, er, hmm, BEVERLY HILLS! There’s a musical tunes guy on a Harley there so he can provide them free transportation to a new mansion garden for a tall person ๐Ÿ˜‰ a (motorcycle mama)ย  and that is your Thursday’s Bug success story.

P.S. if you use chemical sprays on them, we will report you to the Bug Endangerment Authorities ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for feeding them, just provide electronics as these bugs are into those.


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They get you going in the morning.

Not Rick Dickert. For years I mentioned it and a no go. The FOX KTTV folks know of it, oh yes they do and there has even been prodding to get Dickert in there for a very long time. A KTTV reporter even mentioned to me they were passing by there one late morning and had considered stopping in. I ask why not? Take time to sit for a bit, let the world go by, get a basket of several yummy donuts and hot coffee or a cold frap and why not?

What is interesting is that this small little hole-in-the-wall place is usually crammed with visitors craving, not only donuts and coffee, but other food as well, especially the custom ‘Cronuts’

Have any of you ever tried Mama’s Cronuts? I have and I can attest they are just as great as they look here in this photo.


That’s why when I hear KTLA stating on many occasions they love Mama’s Donuts and when Jennifer York used to with her morning chopper flight crew, visit this place religiously as well as on occasion the CBS flight crew. It make me wonder why Rick up in Skyfox has the excuses. Oh well. They also won a state wide award for excellence of their products, this small little hole-in-the-wall place. While it looks like a place you pass without a second thought, the big secret by locals and visitors who when returning to the area go there is the donuts and cronuts. Hands down, their stuff is top notch. A quick check on Yelp also will alert patrons potentials that there is something great here. Like even more cronuts. See, here is what Dickert and others are missing in the morning that locals enjoy.

More Cronuts

and these fruity Cronuts. I have tried these as well, just perfect for a spring or summer morning.

Fruity Cronuts

They ship stuff as well. Think Rick will ever land Skyfox one early morning and fly cronuts to the studio? How about it Steve? Naw, I don’t think that Van Nuys airport would ever let that stand, would be interesting to see what rival KTLA would do when KTTV invaded the KTLA old haunt.

And what happens to those who procrastinate?

Eat THAT Skyfox!

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Where are they now…the GDLA former?

Well with Jillian Barberie Reynold Warry worry wary Whirlitzer etc etc etc she has all butt disappeared from the scene hocking stuff here and there. In fact she is so pissed at me, she blocked me on twitter. ๐Ÿ™‚ A true badge of honor being blocked by her. I am thinking too many cleavage flashes in the morning and coming in talking like you were on speed, well that did it. Then she went to talk radio following “Dummyhead Instead” a wannabe political hack who couldn’t cut it on TV as a dumb news anchor so he retreated instead of apologizing to all the FOX bloggers he insulted. Talk about being dumb, right!

It’s Jilly!!!

Then there is that animated hysterectimal ooops I meant hysterical silly and here are the words that describe best. “sexually whimsical” did I hit that on the head, surfing Dorothy? Yes, I know I made your Dorothy Haters official page—AGAIN, thank you surfer church woman. What time has bared out in your case,ย  is the content on your media sites. I had thought when you got yourself canned faster than Charlette Tuna in a Tuna Factory, that it stopped, right? I mean you are billed as a premier church mom. Tada, the sexualized comments have intensified from time-to-time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and there goes the church mom image. Perhaps “aged bikini sex chick” is more appropriate. Oye vey!!! Well she really ain’t that bad folks. Miss Lucey does a lot of charity work so [HINT] there might be a good side there.

John Beard. Actually, John never really had one on the news at night that I can remember, but hey, I always liked John. He and Christine Devine made a great pair on TV. When they pulled in “Dummyhead Instead” of course the nightly news was never the same until they discovered Tony “TAKEETS” McEwing and then he and Christine made it perfect again. But leave it to Broccolihead and the gang to fowl that up, right?

Maria Sansone, got preggo and got bye bye’d for the time being. Julie Chang unfortunately became ill with a brain tumor discovered while surfing. But she beat it…KACHANG!

And so Tony is happy in the mornings, Arak C’ya went to GDLA, Maria Sansone is at the edge of the begging table, and Steve has now 4 chirping women, chick, chick, chicking him to death as he stands at the Begging Table’s end while the ladies have taken over. And they thought it was bad with two chick, chick, chicking women on Steve. Ain’t the future grand? You know Steve, I rather enjoy this, ‘Go-Girls-Go’ the ladies have it!!!

Aw God, what a morning mess, hey. And where is Mr. POV (or dare I say POS) and company to fix it all? They are boiling which is what happens to broccoli to make it melt cheese and other stuff. It’s the other stuff that worries me.

Odd gal out, actually there have been quite a few lately, so who is next? Remember Jean Martiriz, then she got Arak C’ya’d and finally Araksya got Marlla’d. Wouldn’t it all have been damned easier to just retain Jean? Hard to tell. Unbelievable, meanwhile tune in KTLA and there is complete stability. I rest my case.

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Why Future Elections Might Still Go Left!

I have hit on this topic before, but I suspect there are now enough stupid ignorant voters out there this might be a slam dunk for the commies especially with a do-nothing Republican Party. Then again, you decide.

NOTE: almost all of the signers were White Folks. I guess they haven’t experienced this yet…

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The Taking of Private Property 1-2-3

So the communist scumbag totalitarian Nazis are starting with the Washington Redskins. Oh wait, lets see, what about the Los Angeles Clippers. Even Type 5 Racist Oprah “Old White People Must DIE!” Winfrey wanted to plunder an old idiot who babbled himself into this mess. That’s right, a lib on lib mess. Now it is the Redskins, the feds want to pull their trademark protection. What will be next under HILLARY CLINTON’S original “political correctness” she started and pushed while her bonerfied husband was in office. Lets see here. How about the Clevland “Indians” and since Indians died at the hands of CowBoys how about the Dallas Cowboys? Maybe Irish are offended by the stereotype that Irish get drunk and in fights. Let’s de-license the “FIGHTING” Irish of Notre Dam. In fact let us use no American Indian names at all. Like the “MOHAVE” Desert, what about anything named “APACHE” or “MOHAWK” and why have a county named “SEMINOLE” in fact lets ban it. And for my Latino people let us also ban product names like “SPIC” and Span a cleaner. I mean, if you ban one thing under HILLARY CLINTON’S Politically Correct world, why stop at one. Just ban one thing after another. Anytime someone’s feelings are hurt, BAN IT! For example. Someone writes a story and they have certain words in it like their kid likes to go fly a KITE well ban it because the word KITE sounds like another bad word.

Again about the left totalitarian bans on things. You cannot even advertise “TRANNY” service to repair the automotive transmission on a car because guys who used to be girls and girls who used to be guys and people that are half and half are offended by automotive parts. I blogged about all this crap several blogs back. Trannys, axelrods (sounds political), Rear Ends, Push Rods, STICK-shifters all are now X-rated terms.

God!!! I feel great being NOT politically correct like Americans used to have the freedom before the Clinton’s and the Obama’s came onto the scene with their totalitarian communist scumbag bureaucrats.

American and still loving it!

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KTTV’s Musical Talents

Ever watched this or played in it? Watch!

Pretend these are the hosts, cohosts, filed cohosts, anchors and the production talents at KTTV.

What you just watched is the musical chairs and odd anchor/host/reporter, production person out at KTTV. Now imagine what this does to everyone’s morale that works at KTTV when someone new supersedes a long time talent. Let’s see here. A few great names come to mind like long time “Mark Thompson” (almost a quarter century at KTTV) or how about the newer Araksya Karapetyan, what about Suzanne Marques, can I please throw in an old favorite Jean Martirez? Araksya is still there, Suzanne is long gone bumping from one place to another. Then you have the former morning girl whom I did get to meet briefly before she departed KTTV for KTLA, a very tiny and petite Elizabeth Espinoza. She was sort of brash and she has that punky type voice, makes you wonder if there is really a guy there ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰ actually she seemed all woman, just kidding Elizabeth and oh in answer to your question that faithful morning at the writers guild strike it is “Publishing.” How about Miss Tricia Tagasuki did I spell that right?

Oh hell, why not throw in most of the production crew on the chopping block. Have you noticed the terrible problems with reception, hosts getting cut off, field reporters and guests talking with no sound, people prematurely cut off for commercial breaks etc. and it goes on and on and on and on. The way KTTV is managed reminds me of how Governor Baldy manages California. Sound like a POV or a POS? You decide. Does rival KTLA have these issues? Not really! So then why does KTTV have them? Could it be lousy er, uh let me guess management?


Well er, uh, maybe, but I suspect it goes well beyond that to Newscorp for the bigger cuts. Yeah, you can pin it all on a brainless vegetable-brained management moron or let us say in plurality, MORONS.

I have watched the KTLA competition and here is what happens. Their news articles come out several minutes ahead of KTTV’s. They have no problems with reception, guests, in-the-field reporters, everyone knows their lines, the anchors don’t take “Fish Gulps” like the nightly ๐Ÿ˜‰ news anchor does every few seconds while closing their eyes and blinking a lot. It makes me think I am watching a guppy on the tube. In essence if you look at KTLA’s production in comparison to KTTV’s they are rock solid, they have a decent format too. Don’t get me started blogging again why the morning shows news and GDLA are both in serious troubles. That sums it up, bad management! Planning, understanding the viewers, who they are, when they watch, what would hold their interests in this day and age. When it comes to these issues, KTTV’s management is “Clueless In California” and that’s the name of that tune.

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