I guess I am so old school when it comes to the 21st century. For example, let us talk about cars. Now did you know that cars have a Drag Race and so do transgendered people. That’s a big ol Texan who had the doctor cut off his erhmm, Johnson and plaster two big ol’ breasts on him. Or a chick who got one attached so she can still look like a woman while acting like a guy. Then there are the natural bi-organ people who have both a vagina and penis from birth and these are called Hermaphrodites created under God! The public used to call these people freaks until recent times. Today they are part of the LGBT community “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered” community. Now you probably didn’t know this, but LGB Trains are a large scale model train.

Here are a few examples of this.

See, and you thought I was kidding. Then there are cars and automobiles. Today when they talk about a drag race they aren’t talking about this!

Instead a Drag Race is this in the 21st Century…

And I’ll bet you wondered about the other issues car enthusiasts have to worry about talking about. Like we heard today that Transgendered people don’t like the term “Tranny” because it is their “N” word. Does that mean we can no longer refer to this car part as a Tranny?


and oh well, you can’t talk about Drag Queens and their broken “Drive Shafts” either like the one below, because people who are “TRANSGENDERED” will think you are talking about, well, their driveshafts too!


DRIVE SHAFT – attached to a Tranny!

and since these automobile parts have been sexualized by what society used to call queers and freaks, you might as well not talk about trannys, driveshafts or “REAR ENDS” because certain erhmm, people will get the wrong ideas and feel hurt you might be talking about them.

A typical REAR END if I may!


and then there is the act of being rear ended like this…Hope they’re okay!!!

And did you know that car engines have “PUSH RODS” again something about automobile parts that will probably be illegal to talk about. Here are some pushrods for your inspection.

and this is how they really work.

and it all started with banning the “N” word and then promoting GAY Marriage between a guy who sucks on another guy’s penis or does him with anal sex and is in love with him ahead of a traditional marriage between a Man and a Woman. This is how we got to Transgendered and Tranny as a word that must be banned, even if it refers to automobiles. Freedom is only free when it is practiced with a society that maintains its laws of the vote and protects free speech no matters how offensive it is.

Extreme Profanity and offensive words, be forewarned before you click this video. I am showing you how bad words are actually funny, even if they are bad words, because what this guy is doing in his act, no matters how offensive you may feel it is, he is practicing free speech. The N word, the F word the S word it’s all in there, and while vile, offensive and disgusting, it is also funny when used in this vile context. (Note to viewers, this is being used as an example of extreme words in free speech to bolster what I have written about in this article.)

Now let us get back to my point of freedom of speech of all words. If you ban a word, a meaning, an icon, if you ban an expression of any kind, you are no longer living in freedom, but rather you have slid into tyranny.


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