How KTLA Screwed Up Big!

Well, I have been critical of FOX KTTV for a very long time, though I want them to do better. I also tune to their rival KTLA since there is a symbiotic competitive relationship between both local stations that has always fascinated me. In addition, most former KTTV employees usually make a stop at KTLA for the second run on their CaRears when they tank at KTTV. In some cases, KTLA is smart enough to get rid of dead weight and foist it onto KTTV such as a former Dummyhead who had to go to a differing medium, because this person was too stupid to play nice with bloggers when they got to FOX 😉 By the way stupid, you still owe bloggers an apology for referring to them as clowns…KLOWN!

Now, FOX has played catch up more or less and slid back and forth with KTLA’s 6 and 10 PM news casts. It was never a slam dunk after the initial launch of Studio 11. What it was for Jeff Michaels whom I think is a super great anchor, a hunk for the ladies 😉 and the original venerable beauty and brains in Laura Diaz was a sort of struggle. KTTV wanted Studio 11 to be something different when they initiated it to compete with 6PM news casts by hitting the news an hour earlier at 5PM. The FOX 10PM news cast with Christine Devine, a long time talented, pretty anchor who might just be the tallest anchor 😉 out there (I better watch myself here before I get squashed faster than a beetle on fly crap) nineteen feet two inches tall 😮 after losing Mark Thompson the dancing weatherman could not compete against KTLA effectively with Vera Jimenez on board.

Who would you rather watch?


So with a certain long time weather and traffic icon originally hailing from ABC (another stupid loss by that news network). Ironically Miss Laura Diaz former co-worker from ABC was the powerhouse piece to ace pass-along-weatherman Pablo Pereira right into many viewers TV sets particularly at 10PM. So KTLA began its own little shuffle of people and lo and behold what happens when it ain’t broke, they didn’t need to fix it but they did by putting in this Liberte Chan and a guy at 6PM and tossing the newscast advantage to the earlier Studio 11 which is a major blunder. The weak Liberte Chan as a weather girl it seems is a struggle from what I watched and Vera Jimenez has a very long time following as well. This also weakened viewers at 10PM throwing them to the venerable anchor Christine Devine and Jeff Michaels as well. Between Pablo and Liberte on points for showing the weather, Pablo comes out easily on top as to where Vera was the better draw there. And so, this dumb decision at KTLA has seriously in this viewer’s opinion hurt them I believe in the short, mid and perhaps long run.

Don’t believe me, read twitter and facebook posts from viewers, they followed Vera Jimenez to the morning, which leaves the big question, “Who are they watching at night?”

Thank you KTLA from the KTTV viewers 😉 have a great evening!


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  1. Followup. Vera Jimenez returns to the nightly newscast. KTLA’s wisdom should restrengthen their nightly newscast particularly at the 10PM slot. Pablo P., a nice guy, but viewers just like Vera better. Now what could compete effectively against Vera is a return with Mark Thompson. Probably won’t happen but if points matter, then maybe it will.

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