The new and improved, improved and improved POS

Hi, I’m Kevin Hurl!

And I am on TV to promote a big ego and bash the California governor who everyone knows is a real dumbass thug anyhow. And why am I complaining about dumbass number one, because it takes one to know one. In fact, ignore POV, I am on TV to promote being a POS, that’s right, email me at Mr. and I’ll get right back to the viewers who like my BIG ego while I broadcast for my 30 seconds of made up fame. Remember, contact POS. Really!

So this morning I switched on the news and broccolihead has got his new and improved grandstanding for broadcast TV land viewers on how bad California is. Hey broccoli, about how bad it is where you are? Ever consider broccolihead that maybe you are part of the problem, that you are the Jerry Brown of KTTV. Talk about fixing things aye. Here folks, here is why broccolihead is on my bigtime craplist as a POS!

The always lovely, bright and smart Heidi was leaving KTTV. So because I blog a lot about KTTV and my blog is read by Mr. Rupert Murdoch, broccolihead decides to follow this “CUSTOMER” aka. a viewer of his products to twitter. So I followed broccolihead and said hello in a PM. No response to a customer by the business person. I sent a second PM and said hello. No response to that one. Then broccolihead who never absorbed business 101 instead of saying hello back unfollowed my twitter. That was slap in the face number two. Then broccolihead banned my entry to his twitter, mind you for no reason other than saying hello twice in a PM more or less and also trying to strike a dialogue. Slap in the face number three. See, here’s the problem for POS and let me clarify what I mean by POS “Plenty Of Stupidity” Instead of befriending his “CUSTOMER” a TV viewer, broccolihead instead went and alienated his CUSTOMER.

Hey schmuck, didn’t anyone ever teach you Business 101. Let me clarify this for you. “No businessman ever won an argument with their customers.” The customer always wins no matters what the businessman does. How you stay in business broccolihead is you unblock the twitter, follow the customer who then sees and follows you and you send him a “Hello” nice PM and that is what you do. I gave you a try a few blogs back as a test and guess what folks. Broccolihead failed which just reinforces my point he is a POS of the worst kind. But I do believe in second chances so lets see what this POS does on twitter if he really is a POV masquerading as a big POS. And that’s my new and improved POV to POS of the day. How to fix KTTV without broadcasting to millions! Like fixing the news, chucking Marley, restructuring GDLA for starters and I have a list of changes as a “CUSTOMER!”



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