EBike Anarchy

So there was Memorial Weekend as every year, a massive bicycle ride through Atomic Cycles with hundreds of riders. Well the LAPD sent undercover agents to monitor this on the weekend. Now of course, yours truly here drank “WATER” with ice cubes on this near 100 degree day. Paul at the cycle shop put on a great and wacky show as usual and the Chppercabras were there and other bicycle member groups too. There was free food and drinks and the theme was on Elvis Presley. Of course I didn’t mention that a late personal friend of mine was Elvis real life original love before he got hitched and they were friends until Elvis real life death in 1977. She used to tell me how much of a true Southern Gentleman Elvis was.

So this tall guy wears a tall black wig, glasses and a white Elvis outfit.

By the way YUCK! The free food were peanut butter and banana sandwiches, no wonder I had to forgo the free food.

So here are some of the wacky events before the big bike ride.

And what it is really all about, ya wanna see, okay I’m not in this one but see what it’s like to go for a major ride.

So where do we find out about the events and rides put on by the great Paul at Atomic Cycles, Ratrod Bikes and Choppercabra amongst other mid-valley groups? You go here. ATOMIC CYCLES



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