Fair and Unbalanced???


So the Arabs saw the TV show 24 and Jack Bower killing Arab terrorists and they bought around 20 percent into Newscorp and FOX so that Islam is never again portrayed like that on a FOX TV show. Gays hating marriage between a man and woman have infiltrated FOX as well. Just look at the TV shows such as for example GLEE among others and you get the picture. Is FOX a left leaning station? No! Not yet, but it is being setup on that path. Centrist conservative Rupert Murdoch, someone I have always liked will soon be fully passing the reigns to his son. From what I have read, his son is left leaning, so this begs the big question, what direction will FOX and Newscorp lean and the obvious one is to the fringe far left when power changes hands. It will become reflected when most conservative folks at FOX begin departing. What FOX will then degenerate into is a CNN or an MSNBC and the last vestige of honest news for what it is or is not right now, will vanish from the American broadcast landscape for good.

While there is alternative media, FOX would never again hold the trust it now solely enjoys amongst the American viewing public. It will have been squandered and as a news source would become untrustworthy. The one major advantage that FOX News enjoys over all of its competition is that whether a viewer is liberal, conservative or anything else, for the most part, they are hearing trustworthy real journalism that has been killed by communist handlers at ABC, CBS and NBC amongst other American outlets, and those working today at FOX may well be unemployed by tomorrow in the name of a left agenda. Can it happen? Probably not under Rupert, but his son may well pose a different direction and then it could. Personally I would hate to see this happen, but it could.


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