The new Believable POV

So Hale gets on TV and whines about California, then brags about some email replies. Does this guy really think he’s the only one screaming? Hey Kevin, stick a sock in it already, grandstanding on TV before millions gets nothing but this for ya.

And here is what an ex president has to say about broccoliheads…

See, here’s the deal man. Everyone knows California is being trashed…really! They know that Governor Brown looks like a thug who got out of prison and runs the state like a thug with a thug party. People know this. The problem goes back to the voters who vote this guy in, why don’t you meet some of them and see why, what you are screaming about, won’t fix it!

I think Kevin T. Hale I have made my point. You live in a state of stupid brainwashed communist minded morons and unless you can help them which you cannot, California will be, er-hmm, trashed, got it? Not to worry though, like the locusts they are, they are headed to Texas and North Dakota next to install new communist moron scumbags to trash what others are building.



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