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I guess I am so old school when it comes to the 21st century. For example, let us talk about cars. Now did you know that cars have a Drag Race and so do transgendered people. That’s a big ol Texan who had the doctor cut off his erhmm, Johnson and plaster two big ol’ breasts on him. Or a chick who got one attached so she can still look like a woman while acting like a guy. Then there are the natural bi-organ people who have both a vagina and penis from birth and these are called Hermaphrodites created under God! The public used to call these people freaks until recent times. Today they are part of the LGBT community “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered” community. Now you probably didn’t know this, but LGB Trains are a large scale model train.

Here are a few examples of this.

See, and you thought I was kidding. Then there are cars and automobiles. Today when they talk about a drag race they aren’t talking about this!

Instead a Drag Race is this in the 21st Century…

And I’ll bet you wondered about the other issues car enthusiasts have to worry about talking about. Like we heard today that Transgendered people don’t like the term “Tranny” because it is their “N” word. Does that mean we can no longer refer to this car part as a Tranny?


and oh well, you can’t talk about Drag Queens and their broken “Drive Shafts” either like the one below, because people who are “TRANSGENDERED” will think you are talking about, well, their driveshafts too!


DRIVE SHAFT – attached to a Tranny!

and since these automobile parts have been sexualized by what society used to call queers and freaks, you might as well not talk about trannys, driveshafts or “REAR ENDS” because certain erhmm, people will get the wrong ideas and feel hurt you might be talking about them.

A typical REAR END if I may!


and then there is the act of being rear ended like this…Hope they’re okay!!!

And did you know that car engines have “PUSH RODS” again something about automobile parts that will probably be illegal to talk about. Here are some pushrods for your inspection.

and this is how they really work.

and it all started with banning the “N” word and then promoting GAY Marriage between a guy who sucks on another guy’s penis or does him with anal sex and is in love with him ahead of a traditional marriage between a Man and a Woman. This is how we got to Transgendered and Tranny as a word that must be banned, even if it refers to automobiles. Freedom is only free when it is practiced with a society that maintains its laws of the vote and protects free speech no matters how offensive it is.

Extreme Profanity and offensive words, be forewarned before you click this video. I am showing you how bad words are actually funny, even if they are bad words, because what this guy is doing in his act, no matters how offensive you may feel it is, he is practicing free speech. The N word, the F word the S word it’s all in there, and while vile, offensive and disgusting, it is also funny when used in this vile context. (Note to viewers, this is being used as an example of extreme words in free speech to bolster what I have written about in this article.)

Now let us get back to my point of freedom of speech of all words. If you ban a word, a meaning, an icon, if you ban an expression of any kind, you are no longer living in freedom, but rather you have slid into tyranny.


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How KTLA Screwed Up Big!

Well, I have been critical of FOX KTTV for a very long time, though I want them to do better. I also tune to their rival KTLA since there is a symbiotic competitive relationship between both local stations that has always fascinated me. In addition, most former KTTV employees usually make a stop at KTLA for the second run on their CaRears when they tank at KTTV. In some cases, KTLA is smart enough to get rid of dead weight and foist it onto KTTV such as a former Dummyhead who had to go to a differing medium, because this person was too stupid to play nice with bloggers when they got to FOX 😉 By the way stupid, you still owe bloggers an apology for referring to them as clowns…KLOWN!

Now, FOX has played catch up more or less and slid back and forth with KTLA’s 6 and 10 PM news casts. It was never a slam dunk after the initial launch of Studio 11. What it was for Jeff Michaels whom I think is a super great anchor, a hunk for the ladies 😉 and the original venerable beauty and brains in Laura Diaz was a sort of struggle. KTTV wanted Studio 11 to be something different when they initiated it to compete with 6PM news casts by hitting the news an hour earlier at 5PM. The FOX 10PM news cast with Christine Devine, a long time talented, pretty anchor who might just be the tallest anchor 😉 out there (I better watch myself here before I get squashed faster than a beetle on fly crap) nineteen feet two inches tall 😮 after losing Mark Thompson the dancing weatherman could not compete against KTLA effectively with Vera Jimenez on board.

Who would you rather watch?


So with a certain long time weather and traffic icon originally hailing from ABC (another stupid loss by that news network). Ironically Miss Laura Diaz former co-worker from ABC was the powerhouse piece to ace pass-along-weatherman Pablo Pereira right into many viewers TV sets particularly at 10PM. So KTLA began its own little shuffle of people and lo and behold what happens when it ain’t broke, they didn’t need to fix it but they did by putting in this Liberte Chan and a guy at 6PM and tossing the newscast advantage to the earlier Studio 11 which is a major blunder. The weak Liberte Chan as a weather girl it seems is a struggle from what I watched and Vera Jimenez has a very long time following as well. This also weakened viewers at 10PM throwing them to the venerable anchor Christine Devine and Jeff Michaels as well. Between Pablo and Liberte on points for showing the weather, Pablo comes out easily on top as to where Vera was the better draw there. And so, this dumb decision at KTLA has seriously in this viewer’s opinion hurt them I believe in the short, mid and perhaps long run.

Don’t believe me, read twitter and facebook posts from viewers, they followed Vera Jimenez to the morning, which leaves the big question, “Who are they watching at night?”

Thank you KTLA from the KTTV viewers 😉 have a great evening!

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How One Guy Handled The IRS

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EBike Anarchy

So there was Memorial Weekend as every year, a massive bicycle ride through Atomic Cycles with hundreds of riders. Well the LAPD sent undercover agents to monitor this on the weekend. Now of course, yours truly here drank “WATER” with ice cubes on this near 100 degree day. Paul at the cycle shop put on a great and wacky show as usual and the Chppercabras were there and other bicycle member groups too. There was free food and drinks and the theme was on Elvis Presley. Of course I didn’t mention that a late personal friend of mine was Elvis real life original love before he got hitched and they were friends until Elvis real life death in 1977. She used to tell me how much of a true Southern Gentleman Elvis was.

So this tall guy wears a tall black wig, glasses and a white Elvis outfit.

By the way YUCK! The free food were peanut butter and banana sandwiches, no wonder I had to forgo the free food.

So here are some of the wacky events before the big bike ride.

And what it is really all about, ya wanna see, okay I’m not in this one but see what it’s like to go for a major ride.

So where do we find out about the events and rides put on by the great Paul at Atomic Cycles, Ratrod Bikes and Choppercabra amongst other mid-valley groups? You go here. ATOMIC CYCLES


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The new and improved, improved and improved POS

Hi, I’m Kevin Hurl!

And I am on TV to promote a big ego and bash the California governor who everyone knows is a real dumbass thug anyhow. And why am I complaining about dumbass number one, because it takes one to know one. In fact, ignore POV, I am on TV to promote being a POS, that’s right, email me at Mr. and I’ll get right back to the viewers who like my BIG ego while I broadcast for my 30 seconds of made up fame. Remember, contact POS. Really!

So this morning I switched on the news and broccolihead has got his new and improved grandstanding for broadcast TV land viewers on how bad California is. Hey broccoli, about how bad it is where you are? Ever consider broccolihead that maybe you are part of the problem, that you are the Jerry Brown of KTTV. Talk about fixing things aye. Here folks, here is why broccolihead is on my bigtime craplist as a POS!

The always lovely, bright and smart Heidi was leaving KTTV. So because I blog a lot about KTTV and my blog is read by Mr. Rupert Murdoch, broccolihead decides to follow this “CUSTOMER” aka. a viewer of his products to twitter. So I followed broccolihead and said hello in a PM. No response to a customer by the business person. I sent a second PM and said hello. No response to that one. Then broccolihead who never absorbed business 101 instead of saying hello back unfollowed my twitter. That was slap in the face number two. Then broccolihead banned my entry to his twitter, mind you for no reason other than saying hello twice in a PM more or less and also trying to strike a dialogue. Slap in the face number three. See, here’s the problem for POS and let me clarify what I mean by POS “Plenty Of Stupidity” Instead of befriending his “CUSTOMER” a TV viewer, broccolihead instead went and alienated his CUSTOMER.

Hey schmuck, didn’t anyone ever teach you Business 101. Let me clarify this for you. “No businessman ever won an argument with their customers.” The customer always wins no matters what the businessman does. How you stay in business broccolihead is you unblock the twitter, follow the customer who then sees and follows you and you send him a “Hello” nice PM and that is what you do. I gave you a try a few blogs back as a test and guess what folks. Broccolihead failed which just reinforces my point he is a POS of the worst kind. But I do believe in second chances so lets see what this POS does on twitter if he really is a POV masquerading as a big POS. And that’s my new and improved POV to POS of the day. How to fix KTTV without broadcasting to millions! Like fixing the news, chucking Marley, restructuring GDLA for starters and I have a list of changes as a “CUSTOMER!”


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Fair and Unbalanced???


So the Arabs saw the TV show 24 and Jack Bower killing Arab terrorists and they bought around 20 percent into Newscorp and FOX so that Islam is never again portrayed like that on a FOX TV show. Gays hating marriage between a man and woman have infiltrated FOX as well. Just look at the TV shows such as for example GLEE among others and you get the picture. Is FOX a left leaning station? No! Not yet, but it is being setup on that path. Centrist conservative Rupert Murdoch, someone I have always liked will soon be fully passing the reigns to his son. From what I have read, his son is left leaning, so this begs the big question, what direction will FOX and Newscorp lean and the obvious one is to the fringe far left when power changes hands. It will become reflected when most conservative folks at FOX begin departing. What FOX will then degenerate into is a CNN or an MSNBC and the last vestige of honest news for what it is or is not right now, will vanish from the American broadcast landscape for good.

While there is alternative media, FOX would never again hold the trust it now solely enjoys amongst the American viewing public. It will have been squandered and as a news source would become untrustworthy. The one major advantage that FOX News enjoys over all of its competition is that whether a viewer is liberal, conservative or anything else, for the most part, they are hearing trustworthy real journalism that has been killed by communist handlers at ABC, CBS and NBC amongst other American outlets, and those working today at FOX may well be unemployed by tomorrow in the name of a left agenda. Can it happen? Probably not under Rupert, but his son may well pose a different direction and then it could. Personally I would hate to see this happen, but it could.

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Happy Trails



After a persistent two months of lobbying the Assemblyman Steven Branford’s office, the new appendage of Class 406b EBike laws has been cancelled. I repeat they are not going to at this time criminalize from what Erasmo in their Sacramento offices told me. This would have in the name of making bicycle paths safer and promoting ebikes, 1.) Discouraged ebike sales and 2.) Do nothing to address the real bicycle path safety issues. So what are these issues and what were they going to do with electric bicycles?

Currently in California if you have a 1 kilowatt (that is 1,000 watt) motor and a limitor on the controller for the ebike that limits it to a maximum speed of no more than 20 mph, the bicycle is thus considered a normal pedal bike. In my case and that of thousands more within the state we already met those guidelines. What the good assemblyman’s team decided they were going to do was do ebike riders a favor and fix something that already worked fine. In essence they were going to append the current law, make the largest motor size reduced to 750 watts, added weight restrictions that a bicycle weighing more than 80 pounds was banned from bicycle paths. I wonder what moron dreamed up that reward for investing in green transportation and sports equipment?

Let us take the weight issue first. With over 13,000 miles of bicycle path riding and traditional path riding for years now, rider’s come in all sizes including weights and I shall now show you how the assemblyman’s team got it wrong. Let us say you have a woman who weigh’s in at 120 pounds on an 85 pound ebike. That is a total of 205 pounds, with me so far? Now let us say you have a 6′ 4″ tall muscle guy on a polycarbon 33 speed that can pedal to 50mph, much faster than the girl’s ebike at 20 mph or even 30 mph, and the guy weighs in on a 40 pound bicycle himself at 250 pounds. That is 290 pounds! So weight is irrelevant here. What is a factor though are the following criteria the new law’s appendage does not fix.

1.) Speed

2.) Pedestrians on the Bicycle Path

3.) Toddlers riding side-by-side with parent

These following three issues are safety related so let us see how they can be fixed. Speed. The average rider rides between 16 to 28 mph on the bicycle path. The maximum speed set at 28. if the path is clear, if pedestrians are present set at 12mph.

Pedestrians are ticketable offense for using the bicycle path but cops never ticket them. Start ticketing them, say 500 dollars for the first time, 5,000 dollars on the second time. This will get them off the bicycle path. Parent takes children or baby stroller on bicycle path, child endangerment!

Dad gets junior a small bicycle with training wheels, great! You have to start somewhere. Stick the kid in the same land as dad ahead of him, no more than 20 feet. This removes the kid from the opposing bicycle lane where he rides next to dad or mom.

These are the three main things plaguing the bicycle path. Fix these, allow all bicycles whether electric or pedal, regardless of motor size, weight. Cyclist goes past maximum posted speed limit they get a big fat ticket, that’s it. The cops don’t have to guess a motor size, weigh a bike etc. This works plain and simple and it really makes bicycle paths safer while promoting a green piece of equipment.

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