Whoopdy F’ing D

Several people asked if I would meet the KTTV FOX people in L.A. Instead, I enjoyed the great outdoors my way. Sun, air in my face and peace. No freeway traffic, no kissing people’s ass. I hate kissing ass, don’t you? Smells like you know what and that does stink. So one of the folks asked how would you have acted meeting the KTTV people live and in person? Well, with Christine Devine I would have pleaded on my knees for her not to stomp my ass out like a bug, because I am under the impression Christine is exactly 19.2 feet tall. That’s better than Wilt Chamberlain. 😮

Then there is my sentimental Favorite Lisa Breckenridge, someone who you can just see is an angel. I am sure the lovely former KTTV employee Miss Heidi S. Cuda would have showed. Might be interesting 😉

Steve Edwards. Let me tell all of you something. I helped Steve and his wife a few decades back, had the pleasure of helping them and they are the sweetest nicest people you can ever meet. Clean, well dressed, humble and polite, they are great company. That’s for all of those who might speak nil. I heard a while back that Jillian Barberie, Reynolds, Warry etc. etc. etc. is a lot like that though I have never met her, so I will take the word of the good folks who know her. Currently Jillian banned and blocked me, so much for dissenting bloggers!

Maria Quiban. I heard she is like 6 foot 4, not sure if that is true, but you know that tall Hawaiians scare me, unless they can hula. Maria once took my old challenge up and did the weather with a hula dance. Boy oh boy, that will teach me. Then there is Tony McEwing and Araksya. You know, honestly folks, Tony makes me laugh every morning. Just watching him laugh I can’t help it, not sure why but he’s one of those people you stare at and yell out “TAKEETS” and he’ll start laughing and you will too. Gina Silva, seems like a sweetheart, very pretty and smart too. Lauren Sivan, you know who she reminds me of, she reminds me of that 7 of 9 character in Star Trek. I will say this about her. When she is anchor she almost never flubs up. To me, she seems like the most precision delivery of news.

Gigi Graciette I did get to meet, my big ol’ John Wayne Saddle Master scared her. She seemed distant, cold, almost hostile. Someone told me her mom had died or something to that affect so I guess people are people. Then there is Broccolihead himself.

How would you have greeted KTTV Management in person aka. Broccolihead? I would have gone into my igloo and placed a big smile on his face by handing him a nice new glossy box of frozen broccoli.

And that’s how I would have acted when meeting KTTV FOX celebs in person.


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