Are the Dems as doomed as they say in 2014?

There are of course two versions of the answers which are yes or no depending on points of view. Yet the flood of “REAL” polling data suggests it may be far worse for them than they realize. Of course, November is still several months away and things can always change. That being stated. The big question becomes are there enough angry voters versus enough dumb voters to make the elections change or stay the same as it has been since 2008? So with no further hadoo, you decide, and as always, feel free to weigh in.

Pro Democrat Control.

and if you are angry and want to see what the morons above do with their votes just watch these and then you decide which way the elections will go.

And the list goes on and on and on. It will be up to whether stupid voters refuse to believe they are the frog in the pot slowly being boiled alive or if they have awakened in time to save their country and their very own lives as well. And that my friends will determine who gains control in November.



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