POV for KTTV Change!

How about it Mr. Rupert Murdoch? KTTV is screwed especially in the morning. I was watching the other day and Broccolihead came on with how bad it was that jobs are leaving California for Texas. Ya know, it struck me that this asshole has the same problem, pot calling the kettle black. Why doesn’t Broccolihead start fixing KTTV for you Mr. Murdoch, after all, he bills himself as the face of management. He WORKS FOR YOU! He is also supposed to work for your customers too. And who are your customers? ME, the viewer. See, here’s the deal. I don’t work for you, but I am your customer and I am telling you that instead of selling me a kettle of gold, I am watching a big Croc-Of-Crap instead. The morning is a mess and let me be perfectly clear here. It is not the camera or production people nor the before the camera people too. It is the Execs and the management.

I mean, Mr. Murdoch, you run a business and you are a great, grand and very bright businessman. In business you are about as pure a businessman as it gets and I remain an avid fan of yours as well. So that said, why do you keep someone who screws your customers? Didn’t you know that “no business ever won an argument with their customers.” That is a tried and trued fact in business 101. I am a complaining customer, a viewer of your products. Yes, KTTV is bringing back the 24 series episodes and Kiefer Sutherland, Bravo! The morning news with Tony and Araksya okay. Steve Edwards and Lisa Breckenridge and others are grand, considering it is the management that is screwing them and us, your customers, the viewers.

Broccolihead, a guy who instead of engaging me as a customer, in his infantile manner blocks me on media and hides from me, the CUSTOMER of your products, puts out self aggrandizing POV segments criticizing local governments when he and other management is doing the same thing with jobs at KTTV. I mean c’mon now Mr. Murdoch. It’s one thing to speak about others when your own house is in order, quite another thing when your management guys run your own business just as bad or worse. Instead of engaging me and my comments, Broccolihead hides, what does that say about the very person who bills themselves as your leader at KTTV? He complains about California losing jobs, but what is he doing at KTTV? The very same thing. In essence that makes Broccolihead, a news-hypocrite of sorts, right? After all if he is complaining about the California State government losing jobs thru tyranny and he is losing jobs at your business, what’s the difference Mr. Murdoch?

It’s time for a regime change of management at KTTV. I was informed that people are holding up signs on your very TV station broadcasts calling for help for the employees. A good businessman takes care of his number one customers first and who are they? His employees! The employees reflect the morale of the business. Kill the morale and it begins to affect your number two customers, your viewers and they affect your number three customers, your advertisers and it all goes down hill from there. What I am preaching here is common sense and nothing more. Please Mr. Murdoch, get KTTV management fixed once and for all, so the right decisions can be made to streamline and make it work better and no I am not your management. I am simply one customer, but I can assure you that my voice is not alone.


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