Obama Administration is helping Russia rebuild the Soviet Union.

Since the current President in name only is an installed dictator by totalitarian commies, everything the Obama admin is doing is to destroy the USA, the European Union and rebuild Soviet Communism. The Obama admin commies are doing this on all levels as fast as they possibly can.

By the way, ‘Oh Henry’ you bleep bleep bleep, I just said something about Obama. Stick that gloved finger up your asshole. Nazis aren’t all white. Now you join the ranks with bleep and bleep OWNer and no, I have black friends and neighbors and love all of them. They are “AMERICANS” while Oh Henry Candy Bar, you and the fat woman are nothing but bleep bleep bleeps.

The first step is to cause the United States to break up and turn the people upon the government. The other steps are on foreign policy. Remember that like Viet Nam Hollywood commie loving TRAITOR Jane Fonda, people like John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and others are all part of the “hate-the-constitution-crowd” and so their job is to destroy your freedoms from within. To weaken the United States that it can no longer protect itself. Witness Obama’s utter destruction of the US Military, purging of loyal officers, generals from within. Arming of the civilian agencies with massive amounts of ammo in preparation for a war on the citizenry. Billions of hollow point and sniper rounds. Light tanks to cities around the country. It seems that Obama likes to “Walk softly” with America’s foreign enemas, while “Carrying a big stick” for American citizens. Thanks to your caller Mark Levin, heard that the other day.

The destruction of our NASA space agency. Instead of sending astronauts to space, it now sends peace to Islamic terrorists. It all adds up and like the president told Vlad over a shut down microphone that was still on. “Don’t worry till I win the next election, then we can go forward.” Massive election fraud in Ohio and South Carolina are the tip of the political iceberg by the millions. Then there is Lois Lerner, a demented creature from the dark side of Superman…NOT!She was going out of her way to get political groups thrown into gulags using the Justice Department. And it doesn’t stop with her, now it seems it’s extending to as Dr. Michael Savage once coined her “The Wicked Witch of San Francisco” no other than Nancy Pelosi, the woman who washes the feet of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Thanks Dr. Savage, you nailed her fat ass on a broomstick with no issues at all, sums her up.

Now they go to a little old rancher and start devastating his livestock and re-brand him a domestic terrorist. I’ll tell you whose a domestic terrorist. Start with the “INSTALLED” Dicktator in Washington DC and the many Nazis who support him. Nazis like Axelrod-Holder, those kinds of Nazis. The ones that hold you to the law while they all break it and plunder the country. Hairy Reed (a radioactive piece of desert excrement and a full blown TRAITOR) calls American citizens who are loyal to the constitution and patriots “terrorists.” He must be mistaken, I’ll bet this weed was staring himself in the mirror. Maybe he meant tourists instead of terrorists.

And the media whores and communist handlers now controlling major news outlets, Hollywood and major newspapers but to speak of a few and all of the domestic terrorists start coming home to roost. These are brainwashed sick traitors to the constitution and nothing less. They should all be stripped of their citizenship, their belonging seized by the feds so they can experience real communism where you own nothing, then shipped to live in North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba or elsewhere. Let them inherit the communism they so love.

Teachers, admins, commies teaching future generations should be put on trial for crimes against society and then if found guilty, put em to work building new gallows and finally, break out the pop corn, cotton candies and sodas and let em shake rattle and swing on thick twine. The destruction these hate-America totalitarian psycho commies are doing for decades top come should be reflected in what the get. Make it public and that will cut down on the commies.

Remember the Democratic Party was supposed to come in and fix President George W. Bush’s second term failures? Well, the same folks under Bush were retained under Obama, most of the bureaucrats, and then he pulled in commies, a whole bunch of them and every thug you can imagine to massive trash the country and destroy it from within. Make it crumble before the world instead of fixing it. This guy bowed down to foreign leaders elsewhere, tyrants while brutalizing the American public. So much for Hope and Change!

Then there are other institutions now either blackmailed, paid off or outright in lockstep with this communism. They are the 3 Johns as I call them, nothing but the lowest, sidewalk shoe scum to ever grace concrete. John Boehner, killing his own party, agrees with Obama on almost everything, often crying because he knows he is killing the freedom and the constitution. Looks to me like the speaker is compromised. John Roberts, an absolute supreme sellout. Sold Americans into tyranny and slavery in one fell swoop, and then took a vacation gleefully. They must have paid him big bucks or was it “pay dirt?” John McCain aka. John McChipSchmunk a stupid gerbil, whose small minded greed and lust for ego “my friends” has left this mentally brainwashed communist scumbag with power.

So I ask, could it be that Putin is rebuilding the Soviet Union because he sees a weak installed DICKtater or could it be it is part of the plan? What will happen next?


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