Modern Day Range War

Now I author these types of stories and indeed as fiction they are lotsa fun. But in real life, where lives are concerned that’s an entirely different story indeed. Thus Nevada Senator in shame only “Hairy Reed” an atomic obstruction of the Constitution, has propagated such an event and now it comes out that this Road Apple is in it for personal profit by selling the lands to the Chicoms. And why would this be the case you ask? Because as Dr. Michael Savage pointed out in this week’s radio shows, it’s about “Rare Earths”…

Now what are Rare Earths you ask? Great question. One thing it is not is a 60’s Rock Band! What they are though, is 17 very rare elements valued for their magnetic and conductive properties. They include the following minerals.

These can be used for many things and actually of all the Rare Earths only promethium decaying is rare. Rare Earths are heavier than Iron and are formed from a Supernova. Most are usually scattered elements in the soil. Unfortunately for the rancher in Nevada, that area has a very dense gathering of the rare earths and China knows this and so does a criminal Harry Reid. He stands to personally profit from a land sale to Communist China and this is why the modern day range war pitting armed feds against armed citizens has been occurring. Because Harry Reid needs to make a killing in the sale of those lands and for no other reason, and the scandal grows even deeper when you look at it. Luckily in round one “Hairy Reed” lost, but like the atomic particles from a mutant plant that keeps spewing crap in the air, Hairy Reed promises he is just getting started and he promised it openly in the news media. Why? Because it all comes down to destroying an honest cattle ranch business in existence since the 1880’s for his own profit.

Meanwhile a group of western states has watched and now want their lands back in state control. You can read about that here.

This wreaks of old westerns like John Wayne in Chisum or Big Jake. It’s all about a robber baron, land grabs and killing the owners to plunder what was never his own. So I ask, when is someone going to buy some Roundup and spray the evil weeds? After all, a land without weeds makes for better cattle grazing 😉 Oh and one last parting shot. Harry says those who love America as the old and real America are domestic terrorists. I would like to throw it back at this road apple and say he and his ilk are the real true domestic terrorists.


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