Talk More About KTTV

What’s there to really talk about? You have a POV with broccoli for brains and the rest of them not running things right, but rather into dust. I have tried in vain to explain from one POV what is broken, and why it is broken and how to fix it, instead of criticizing a state in a country. Maybe Mr. POV can comment on how badly he manages a television station. Now that is what I call a real POV. That said, I actually wish everyone well, hope they get high ratings…

KTTV Management and Viewers.

Look, it’s all about ratings and numbers. In order to demand more revenues for shows from advertisers the numbers have to be up. Every show of all kinds eventually dies. That is a given. FOX is in the media business and thus runs media. Their revenues come from commercializing their products and what are their products? Media properties such as shows, movies and yes, even entertainers that work on those shows. It is hard talking about people that work at FOX as properties but essentially they are a product. I’ll give you a few examples. When you watch GDLA you turn on the channel and there are Steve Edwards, Lisa Breckenridge and Maria Sansone, throw in Julie Chang and Maria Quiban or fill-ins. They are all products. The job of this product is to make you the customer aka. TV Viewer spend your time and dollars. Your time watching them and their show format and your dollars on the electricity to do so, plus buying the products of the show’s advertisers. So essentially while being entertained or bored by a show, you are essentially the “Customer” and the show and its acting talents and production tools are the “Product.”

So in a nutshell, they are selling a product and how they gauge whether the product still works is an old somewhat outdated, archaic system called the TV Viewer ratings. Yes the numbers don’t completely lie, but they aren’t perfect either. The point here simply is this. KTTV is in a competitive marketplace and an ultra-competitive one at that. Right now it is theirs to win or lose and I am sad to say in my humbled opinion they are trying to hang on to what hasn’t made them top dog. This comes back to management and executives who push the real buttons on decision making. No amount of new host talents or gimmicks will fix what is really broken and the format is broken in several ways and remains so.

A crippled show!

How about a crippled morning lineup, it couldn’t be worse. Look people. I can talk like I mentioned up top, till I’m blue in the face, but when the management is more interested in their ego based POV time on the air rather than fixing what is broken, that says it all. When executives reward failure or ineptitude by those who don’t want to fix the real issues nor face them, then talk is irrelevant. It is one thing to not know you have a problem and something that is broken and quite suicidal to know and not fix it.



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5 responses to “Talk More About KTTV

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  2. Do you have info on the morning ratings?

    • Pretty soon. You can also check thru as well. The ratings change monthly. The main problem here I argue is that KTTV can fix the GDLA ratings by recognizing what is really broken. Kevin Hale and co, seem to want to leave it as is, which is currently in my humble opinion a very big mess. GDLA essentially makes KTTV’s weekday mornings into about 6 hours of news. What GDLA could be is an entertainment show.

      • personal private

        I quit watching GDLA when they fired Jill and Dorothy, I switched between kola 5 which I liked and now what all the time and think they are a very likable group, yes even Sam. I think Steven Edwards was a sellout, it is a shame TV work as to be cold, impersonal, and backstabbing business. The 3-4 replacements have zero appeal to me and don’t hold a candle to Dorothy and Jill, glad to hear Jill is on the radio and I hope she is happy without all the drama.

      • The problem I had with the old 2 cohosts was the sexualization and sex comments almost every morning. Their wackiness didn’t bother me, but for a church lady it was sex sex sex and the other one was about her boobs and husband and sex when egged on by the church lady. That being said, they could have been straightened out by management had there been good management which there was not and it seems worse now.

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