So California the green state gives green ebikes the big FU!

The word had come in, if you want to ride an ebike on a bicycle path in California, we the state ASSembly are going to screw you more. That is because A.) we are dippoops and don’t know what the “F” we are doing and B.) We make new laws out of thin air just to make em.

Assemblyman Branford’s office did just this. They stated they are opening up bicycle lanes and to who? Pedal ASSist cycles which account for about 15% of all Electric Bicycle sales around the globe. So they took DMV law 406b and bumped it from the current 1kilowatt to a lower 750 watts for riding, through in for God knows what stupid reason, the bicycle must weigh less than 80 pounds, what about the rider jerks? Did you consider maybe a 300 pounder guy should not be allowed to ride when a 160 pounder guy can? What f’ing morons. The logic behind making this new law (like we need another law in California with the man in the moon mentality) was flawed from the start, the very start. (This folks is what happens when your legislature is a mix of Liberalism and Marijuana) you go figure that one out.

If you people seriously want to fix the bicycle path issues, here they are.

1.) Move all pedestrian traffic off of bicycle paths.

2.) Post a maximum speed limit for pedaling cyclists as well as ebikes and gas powered bikes aka. ‘Gbikes’ and forget this size and that size. I’ll now explain this for the morons to understand.

If you drive down a street marked maximum speed limit 35MPH and you are in a V-12 cylinder Ferrari and the other person is in a 4 cylinder Toyota, you both drive at a maximum speed limit of 35mph or around there. If you go faster you get a ticket if you get caught. Same should apply to bicycles regardless of how top end they can go. What is fair for one form of transportation should be especially fair for a slower form. Post a maximum sign speed limit on all California bicycle paths, get pedestrians off them and problem fixed.

Instead, what your California honorary ASSemblyman has done is make it the bicycles weighs this much, the motor wattage is this much, you cannot travel beyond 20MPH while a pedaling cyclists can do 45MPH. Moron, if an EBiker gets stopped here is how the conversation will go.

Officer: What wattage is this electric bicycle?

Rider: (It’s really 5,000 watts) Uh, officer it is a 500 watt motor.

Officer: We don’t carry bicycle scales, how much does this weigh without a rider?

Rider: Uh, officer, it weighs a tad over 50 pounds.

Do you people understand? Seriously. Obama gave trillions from the feds for green transportation, here it is a zero emissions bicycle and the ASSemblyman has stated he wants to help you while sticking a bent kickstand up your ass, and that’s a ride worth fighting for.


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