McCain’s Continuous Treason

This fat faced Gerbil off the lowest order who looks like he’s taken a crap in each cheek has been crapping on America for way to long. That’s right my friend! Raise your arms high, bend over for a political voter boot in the ass and then take a political hike. Now this asshole is on television making what are supposed to be funny jokes though they are not really very funny if at all. Of course this is a good thing for America, because while this old “SCHMUCK” is off on television making jokes, he isn’t doing political damage in Washington D.C.

gerbils Instead of squirrels he should be in a bowl of rats!

Political damage like signing a bill for the government to take you from your home without trial or warrant and make you disappear. Allowing drones over your house and oh yeah, signed a bill to allow drones to rocket you to death and your family too. Hob nobs with Nazi collaborator and JINO “Jew In Name Only” none other than fatso himself “George Soros” one of the most evil humans to ever walk the Earth. It is in my humble opinion time for John Schmuck above to retire, disappear and if we are really lucky, to croak as soon as possible. That said, there, I vented. Anyone else agree, feel free to post, don’t agree and “F” off.


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