Lauren Sivan???!!!

Usually when I call it as it is, I am usually pretty spot on. Yeah, every now and then, I flub up and am wrong. But those times are rare. I usually observe and then blog about what I see, playing no favorites here. Of all the news anchors I have observed there is one who is perfect when they are focused and hunker down. It is in my opinion, dismissing friskiness and a little bit of quirkiness and attitude that Miss Lauren Sivan when anchoring and focused is the most “PERFECT” news delivery system I have ever observed and I have watched many. That also includes not just Los Angeles newscast anchors, but national too. What makes Miss Sivan the perfect news delivery system?

Well, perhaps, sometimes Lauren can be her own worst enemy with the touch of attitude online. She’s a physically very pretty lady and she knows this. In fact she is probably hit on by many online or even in real life encounters. A lady friend once told me that true beauty can be a horrible curse for a woman. I never really thought about this until the details of that explanation emerged, and that friend is herself quite a beautiful woman physically as well as a person.

Lauren’s main problem is the attitude and quirkiness, but those are actually small issues and if she is anchoring, those are rarely a factor for her. That said, I judge an anchor on a number of fronts. First lets start with blinking per minute. Lauren has when seriously news casting an average astounding 6 blinks per minute. Now this isn’t from dilated pupils, rather it comes from one of the most focused news delivery systems I have ever watched. In retrospect a major news anchor whose name shall remain vacant, but a major heavyweight in the anchoring business averages about 22 blinks per minute.

Deep Breathing – This show nervousness and a lack of belief in ones abilities. Lauren Sivan averages irradically about 3 deep breaths per minute. The unnamed heavyweight anchor averages about 31.

Camera Stare. Here again when delivering to you the viewer her stare in the camera at you is flawless. This is a critical performance issue that holds viewers by the moment.

Teleprompter – I would say here again when she is anchoring news, she is right on her game.

Where Lauren falls short a bit is “commenting” personally. There we get a bit of sassiness at times or attitude, but again, this personality does add to her performance rather than detract from it.

Adding all these ingredients together makes for one of the best news delivery systems from an individual.


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