What A Perfect Day Yesterday.

Have you ever awakened to a near perfect day, I’ll get to the “near” in a few lines or two.

Now I have like everyone, my good days and bad days and every now and then a near perfect day. Sunday was one of them. Early in the morning, typing away and nailed the first draft of my next new novel to be published. It felt awesome. Then had Eggs Benedict at home, yes I am sort of an expert at making this dish. Then came NASCAR and Jimmie Johnson. Got 6th place, not bad. The weather was nearly perfect for riding E-Bikes around circles of those guys in their tights on their 9,000 dollar bicycles with a 98 dollar converted Walmart bicycle.

So after the race, we decided to hook up and go for a long ride up the coast to Ventura County. It couldn’t have been more perfect. So we take Malibu Canyon up to the 1 and then hang a right and there is the big mighty Pacific Ocean, all 13,000 miles of it greeting us. There were people parked car to car you had no parking, however traffic was sparse. North across the distant Pacific we could see the Northern California storm clouds. We drove along and I mentioned that Dorothy Looooossssseeeee  😀  lives out this way and says she always goes to the beach. She even twittered she was unemployed 😮 Imagine that!

So the other person said well she did it to herself, and I countered, “yes to a point, but her CaRear was still salvageable if the management had seriously wanted it to be.” I went on to further explain that both Dorothy and Jillian could have still been there and it was fixable. All the Broccoliheads had to do at KTTV was sit down and have that heart felt talk.  It didn’t happen quite like that. In Dorothy’s case, the morning and constant sex-sex-sex-sexual innuendos continued, in fact most twitter posts are something to do with sex on her twitter. It is almost always posted. The other person commented well, then maybe she is hung up on it…Boy oh boy I’ll say from those twitter posts. I further explained it that when the main host and a true gentleman Steve Edwards turned to her and asked one morning while she had just flailed her arms about sex, Steve asked politely as a reminder, “Uh, aren’t you a church mom?” That was not scripted, I can tell you that. Now as for Jillian Reynolds, as hookerish as she dressed and acted at times, there was real hope there. I realized that in Jillian’s case, she wasn’t actually the catalyst on GDLA for sex talk, it was Dorothy. Dorothy would start and then like to hens chirping back and forth with poor Steve caught in the middle, it was a nightmare. Was it all fixable, yes, but there was a terrible alternative for the immediate CaRears of both women co-hosts and FOX KTTV Management took it. “Wipe the slate clean.” Time has born out the vast differences between both former co-hosts. In Jillian’s case she moved on, works very hard (Jillian I always was on your side between you and hubby that if you worked for it, then by whatever you want) and Jillian has proven that. Is her personality hyper? On camera yes, but I have heard personally she is quite the opposite. Her current escalation beyond what was shows that she had the wherewithal to change and grow and good for her, I applaud that for what it is worth.

In Dorothy’s case during our ride, I pointed out that it has not improved and won’t until Dorothy truly changes. Let me say a few positives here about Dorothy as well, yes positives in all of this. I highly respect all those early morning hours being at work for us the many mornings when she wasn’t pitching sex-sex-sex-sexual innuendos. I applaud all the hard charity work she has done to help others. She is a pretty lady and she seems to have a nice personality from what I have seen when she wasn’t so wacky. In a sense I felt that being fired for a Raspy voice was wrong. If she should have been fired, it would have had to be for the raunch and use that for the ratings drop, however, KTTV execs couldn’t use that directly for the GDLA ratings drop because the ratings drop which continues to this day is based on something far more sinister that neither show co-hostess was really directly responsible and that is show “STRUCTURE” and Viewing length. These are serious flaws that no matters whom you bring on the show, it won’t be fixed properly until these are addressed. They said enough on these two already and I agreed. We passed Neptune’s on the side with hundreds of parked Harley’s and people having a wild fun time. Then up to the big rock at the sea.

We took time to sit at the rock and watch the Pacific, with the waves crashing below the bluff, seagulls floating in the ocean, plenty of kelp beds and a distant freighter way out near Santa Barbara Island. It was just to say the words Godly and it brings to perspective against such a vast ocean how very small we truly are. We got back in the car and headed toward Camarillo. I had wanted to stop by the turnoff for the very longtime haunted Scary Dairy in Camarillo set against the hills, but decided not to. It was past 5PM and I had to get back home to feed the dog and salvage what little riding time I might have. Just for fun at night, watch these people at Scary Dairy okay.

So we headed back and when we got home, fed the dog, he was as always delighted to see us, always looking for my affection.


Then I had a hour left of this incredible day and so went out EBiking and it was great! Filet Mignon and Rice for dinner and that wrapped up a perfect day. Then FOX’s new space show and finally time to hit the sack.

I hope all of you had a great day too!

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