The Educommie

There is a new word for you to learn. Educommies are throughout our educational system. It took a while to plant them there but guaranteed, they are there.It seems that they are now openly preventing a national pride in our flag, history, language, culture and push communism on American children in their classes. Not only are a great majority of teachers communists, but administrative people as well.

At a Southern California University teaching your kids.

A perfect example of this in California occurred a week or two back from the posting date of this blog, when American students could not wear an American flag on their shirts for fear of offending Mexican students near the Cinco de Mayo holiday. We hear with frequency across the United States the abuse of American kids by these most tyrannical communists and their ilk. Class rooms where kids are brainwashed to hate traditional America, where history has been rewritten especially to make white children feel ashamed by their skin color. Where teachers punish kids who may come from an AMERICAN home and family that still values the original America. No longer is the Pledge Of Allegiance recited in many schools.

Your kids belong to us

Even worse, teachers having sex with students, hitting students. The public school system is in shambles and to make matters more severe, politicians are not fixing this. “It is the most destructive move” our society can do to its children and the very reason why gangs of kids are going around stealing, robbing and murdering people. Like zombies they roam the streets uneducated by a broken brainwashing system responsible for teaching them skills and knowledge. Instead what the education system has become is a communist indoctrination system. Out with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, in with Chairman Mao and Karl Marx. Teachers telling students that Karl Marx was great.

Capitalism evil, gays the family, not mom and dad.

There is a fix for this and it ain’t pretty! But I suspect it is coming and sooner rather than later. I am seeing a future day when the public will have had enough. When they elect politicians who will take drastic measures from communist Kindergartens to Universities of Marxism and worse. When Administrators and Teachers alike who are commies will be given options like for example. “You cede your belongings to the country like good little communists, and then when broke, are stripped of citizenship and kicked out of the country to a communist nation. Educators who have tyrannized students perhaps will face hard labor for twenty years or longer only to be deported after putting their time in.

What the educational system will require is a political enema and nothing short of that will clean it out.

What communists do!


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