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Talk More About KTTV

What’s there to really talk about? You have a POV with broccoli for brains and the rest of them not running things right, but rather into dust. I have tried in vain to explain from one POV what is broken, and why it is broken and how to fix it, instead of criticizing a state in a country. Maybe Mr. POV can comment on how badly he manages a television station. Now that is what I call a real POV. That said, I actually wish everyone well, hope they get high ratings…

KTTV Management and Viewers.

Look, it’s all about ratings and numbers. In order to demand more revenues for shows from advertisers the numbers have to be up. Every show of all kinds eventually dies. That is a given. FOX is in the media business and thus runs media. Their revenues come from commercializing their products and what are their products? Media properties such as shows, movies and yes, even entertainers that work on those shows. It is hard talking about people that work at FOX as properties but essentially they are a product. I’ll give you a few examples. When you watch GDLA you turn on the channel and there are Steve Edwards, Lisa Breckenridge and Maria Sansone, throw in Julie Chang and Maria Quiban or fill-ins. They are all products. The job of this product is to make you the customer aka. TV Viewer spend your time and dollars. Your time watching them and their show format and your dollars on the electricity to do so, plus buying the products of the show’s advertisers. So essentially while being entertained or bored by a show, you are essentially the “Customer” and the show and its acting talents and production tools are the “Product.”

So in a nutshell, they are selling a product and how they gauge whether the product still works is an old somewhat outdated, archaic system called the TV Viewer ratings. Yes the numbers don’t completely lie, but they aren’t perfect either. The point here simply is this. KTTV is in a competitive marketplace and an ultra-competitive one at that. Right now it is theirs to win or lose and I am sad to say in my humbled opinion they are trying to hang on to what hasn’t made them top dog. This comes back to management and executives who push the real buttons on decision making. No amount of new host talents or gimmicks will fix what is really broken and the format is broken in several ways and remains so.

A crippled show!

How about a crippled morning lineup, it couldn’t be worse. Look people. I can talk like I mentioned up top, till I’m blue in the face, but when the management is more interested in their ego based POV time on the air rather than fixing what is broken, that says it all. When executives reward failure or ineptitude by those who don’t want to fix the real issues nor face them, then talk is irrelevant. It is one thing to not know you have a problem and something that is broken and quite suicidal to know and not fix it.



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So California the green state gives green ebikes the big FU!

The word had come in, if you want to ride an ebike on a bicycle path in California, we the state ASSembly are going to screw you more. That is because A.) we are dippoops and don’t know what the “F” we are doing and B.) We make new laws out of thin air just to make em.

Assemblyman Branford’s office did just this. They stated they are opening up bicycle lanes and to who? Pedal ASSist cycles which account for about 15% of all Electric Bicycle sales around the globe. So they took DMV law 406b and bumped it from the current 1kilowatt to a lower 750 watts for riding, through in for God knows what stupid reason, the bicycle must weigh less than 80 pounds, what about the rider jerks? Did you consider maybe a 300 pounder guy should not be allowed to ride when a 160 pounder guy can? What f’ing morons. The logic behind making this new law (like we need another law in California with the man in the moon mentality) was flawed from the start, the very start. (This folks is what happens when your legislature is a mix of Liberalism and Marijuana) you go figure that one out.

If you people seriously want to fix the bicycle path issues, here they are.

1.) Move all pedestrian traffic off of bicycle paths.

2.) Post a maximum speed limit for pedaling cyclists as well as ebikes and gas powered bikes aka. ‘Gbikes’ and forget this size and that size. I’ll now explain this for the morons to understand.

If you drive down a street marked maximum speed limit 35MPH and you are in a V-12 cylinder Ferrari and the other person is in a 4 cylinder Toyota, you both drive at a maximum speed limit of 35mph or around there. If you go faster you get a ticket if you get caught. Same should apply to bicycles regardless of how top end they can go. What is fair for one form of transportation should be especially fair for a slower form. Post a maximum sign speed limit on all California bicycle paths, get pedestrians off them and problem fixed.

Instead, what your California honorary ASSemblyman has done is make it the bicycles weighs this much, the motor wattage is this much, you cannot travel beyond 20MPH while a pedaling cyclists can do 45MPH. Moron, if an EBiker gets stopped here is how the conversation will go.

Officer: What wattage is this electric bicycle?

Rider: (It’s really 5,000 watts) Uh, officer it is a 500 watt motor.

Officer: We don’t carry bicycle scales, how much does this weigh without a rider?

Rider: Uh, officer, it weighs a tad over 50 pounds.

Do you people understand? Seriously. Obama gave trillions from the feds for green transportation, here it is a zero emissions bicycle and the ASSemblyman has stated he wants to help you while sticking a bent kickstand up your ass, and that’s a ride worth fighting for.

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McCain’s Continuous Treason

This fat faced Gerbil off the lowest order who looks like he’s taken a crap in each cheek has been crapping on America for way to long. That’s right my friend! Raise your arms high, bend over for a political voter boot in the ass and then take a political hike. Now this asshole is on television making what are supposed to be funny jokes though they are not really very funny if at all. Of course this is a good thing for America, because while this old “SCHMUCK” is off on television making jokes, he isn’t doing political damage in Washington D.C.

gerbils Instead of squirrels he should be in a bowl of rats!

Political damage like signing a bill for the government to take you from your home without trial or warrant and make you disappear. Allowing drones over your house and oh yeah, signed a bill to allow drones to rocket you to death and your family too. Hob nobs with Nazi collaborator and JINO “Jew In Name Only” none other than fatso himself “George Soros” one of the most evil humans to ever walk the Earth. It is in my humble opinion time for John Schmuck above to retire, disappear and if we are really lucky, to croak as soon as possible. That said, there, I vented. Anyone else agree, feel free to post, don’t agree and “F” off.

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Lauren Sivan???!!!

Usually when I call it as it is, I am usually pretty spot on. Yeah, every now and then, I flub up and am wrong. But those times are rare. I usually observe and then blog about what I see, playing no favorites here. Of all the news anchors I have observed there is one who is perfect when they are focused and hunker down. It is in my opinion, dismissing friskiness and a little bit of quirkiness and attitude that Miss Lauren Sivan when anchoring and focused is the most “PERFECT” news delivery system I have ever observed and I have watched many. That also includes not just Los Angeles newscast anchors, but national too. What makes Miss Sivan the perfect news delivery system?

Well, perhaps, sometimes Lauren can be her own worst enemy with the touch of attitude online. She’s a physically very pretty lady and she knows this. In fact she is probably hit on by many online or even in real life encounters. A lady friend once told me that true beauty can be a horrible curse for a woman. I never really thought about this until the details of that explanation emerged, and that friend is herself quite a beautiful woman physically as well as a person.

Lauren’s main problem is the attitude and quirkiness, but those are actually small issues and if she is anchoring, those are rarely a factor for her. That said, I judge an anchor on a number of fronts. First lets start with blinking per minute. Lauren has when seriously news casting an average astounding 6 blinks per minute. Now this isn’t from dilated pupils, rather it comes from one of the most focused news delivery systems I have ever watched. In retrospect a major news anchor whose name shall remain vacant, but a major heavyweight in the anchoring business averages about 22 blinks per minute.

Deep Breathing – This show nervousness and a lack of belief in ones abilities. Lauren Sivan averages irradically about 3 deep breaths per minute. The unnamed heavyweight anchor averages about 31.

Camera Stare. Here again when delivering to you the viewer her stare in the camera at you is flawless. This is a critical performance issue that holds viewers by the moment.

Teleprompter – I would say here again when she is anchoring news, she is right on her game.

Where Lauren falls short a bit is “commenting” personally. There we get a bit of sassiness at times or attitude, but again, this personality does add to her performance rather than detract from it.

Adding all these ingredients together makes for one of the best news delivery systems from an individual.

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What A Perfect Day Yesterday.

Have you ever awakened to a near perfect day, I’ll get to the “near” in a few lines or two.

Now I have like everyone, my good days and bad days and every now and then a near perfect day. Sunday was one of them. Early in the morning, typing away and nailed the first draft of my next new novel to be published. It felt awesome. Then had Eggs Benedict at home, yes I am sort of an expert at making this dish. Then came NASCAR and Jimmie Johnson. Got 6th place, not bad. The weather was nearly perfect for riding E-Bikes around circles of those guys in their tights on their 9,000 dollar bicycles with a 98 dollar converted Walmart bicycle.

So after the race, we decided to hook up and go for a long ride up the coast to Ventura County. It couldn’t have been more perfect. So we take Malibu Canyon up to the 1 and then hang a right and there is the big mighty Pacific Ocean, all 13,000 miles of it greeting us. There were people parked car to car you had no parking, however traffic was sparse. North across the distant Pacific we could see the Northern California storm clouds. We drove along and I mentioned that Dorothy Looooossssseeeee┬á ­čśÇ┬á lives out this way and says she always goes to the beach. She even twittered she was unemployed ­čś« Imagine that!

So the other person said well she did it to herself, and I countered, “yes to a point, but her CaRear was still salvageable if the management had seriously wanted it to be.” I went on to further explain that both Dorothy and Jillian could have still been there and it was fixable. All the Broccoliheads had to do at KTTV was sit down and have that heart felt talk.┬á It didn’t happen quite like that. In Dorothy’s case, the morning and constant sex-sex-sex-sexual innuendos continued, in fact most twitter posts are something to do with sex on her twitter. It is almost always posted. The other person commented well, then maybe she is hung up on it…Boy oh boy I’ll say from those twitter posts. I further explained it that when the main host and a true gentleman Steve Edwards turned to her and asked one morning while she had just flailed her arms about sex, Steve asked politely as a reminder, “Uh, aren’t you a church mom?” That was not scripted, I can tell you that. Now as for Jillian Reynolds, as hookerish as she dressed and acted at times, there was real hope there. I realized that in Jillian’s case, she wasn’t actually the catalyst on GDLA for sex talk, it was Dorothy. Dorothy would start and then like to hens chirping back and forth with poor Steve caught in the middle, it was a nightmare. Was it all fixable, yes, but there was a terrible alternative for the immediate CaRears of both women co-hosts and FOX KTTV Management took it. “Wipe the slate clean.” Time has born out the vast differences between both former co-hosts. In Jillian’s case she moved on, works very hard (Jillian I always was on your side between you and hubby that if you worked for it, then by whatever you want) and Jillian has proven that. Is her personality hyper? On camera yes, but I have heard personally she is quite the opposite. Her current escalation beyond what was shows that she had the wherewithal to change and grow and good for her, I applaud that for what it is worth.

In Dorothy’s case during our ride, I pointed out that it has not improved and won’t until Dorothy truly changes. Let me say a few positives here about Dorothy as well, yes positives in all of this. I highly respect all those early morning hours being at work for us the many mornings when she wasn’t pitching sex-sex-sex-sexual innuendos. I applaud all the hard charity work she has done to help others. She is a pretty lady and she seems to have a nice personality from what I have seen when she wasn’t so wacky. In a sense I felt that being fired for a Raspy voice was wrong. If she should have been fired, it would have had to be for the raunch and use that for the ratings drop, however, KTTV execs couldn’t use that directly for the GDLA ratings drop because the ratings drop which continues to this day is based on something far more sinister that neither show co-hostess was really directly responsible and that is show “STRUCTURE” and Viewing length. These are serious flaws that no matters whom you bring on the show, it won’t be fixed properly until these are addressed. They said enough on these two already and I agreed. We passed Neptune’s on the side with hundreds of parked Harley’s and people having a wild fun time. Then up to the big rock at the sea.

We took time to sit at the rock and watch the Pacific, with the waves crashing below the bluff, seagulls floating in the ocean, plenty of kelp beds and a distant freighter way out near Santa Barbara Island. It was just to say the words Godly and it brings to perspective against such a vast ocean how very small we truly are. We got back in the car and headed toward Camarillo. I had wanted to stop by the turnoff for the very longtime haunted Scary Dairy in Camarillo set against the hills, but decided not to. It was past 5PM and I had to get back home to feed the dog and salvage what little riding time I might have. Just for fun at night, watch these people at Scary Dairy okay.

So we headed back and when we got home, fed the dog, he was as always delighted to see us, always looking for my affection.


Then I had a hour left of this incredible day and so went out EBiking and it was great! Filet Mignon and Rice for dinner and that wrapped up a perfect day. Then FOX’s new space show and finally time to hit the sack.

I hope all of you had a great day too!

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The Educommie

There is a new word for you to learn. Educommies are throughout our educational system. It took a while to plant them there but guaranteed, they are there.It seems that they are now openly preventing a national pride in our flag, history, language, culture and push communism on American children in their classes. Not only are a great majority of teachers communists, but administrative people as well.

At a Southern California University teaching your kids.

A perfect example of this in California occurred a week or two back from the posting date of this blog, when American students could not wear an American flag on their shirts for fear of offending Mexican students near the Cinco de Mayo holiday. We hear with frequency across the United States the abuse of American kids by these most tyrannical communists and their ilk. Class rooms where kids are brainwashed to hate traditional America, where history has been rewritten especially to make white children feel ashamed by their skin color. Where teachers punish kids who may come from an AMERICAN home and family that still values the original America. No longer is the Pledge Of Allegiance recited in many schools.

Your kids belong to us

Even worse, teachers having sex with students, hitting students. The public school system is in shambles and to make matters more severe, politicians are not fixing this. “It is the most destructive move” our society can do to its children and the very reason why gangs of kids are going around stealing, robbing and murdering people. Like zombies they roam the streets uneducated by a broken brainwashing system responsible for teaching them skills and knowledge. Instead what the education system has become is a communist indoctrination system. Out with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, in with Chairman Mao and Karl Marx. Teachers telling students that Karl Marx was great.

Capitalism evil, gays the family, not mom and dad.

There is a fix for this and it ain’t pretty! But I suspect it is coming and sooner rather than later. I am seeing a future day when the public will have had enough. When they elect politicians who will take drastic measures from communist Kindergartens to Universities of Marxism and worse. When Administrators and Teachers alike who are commies will be given options like for example. “You cede your belongings to the country like good little communists, and then when broke, are stripped of citizenship and kicked out of the country to a communist nation. Educators who have tyrannized students perhaps will face hard labor for twenty years or longer only to be deported after putting their time in.

What the educational system will require is a political enema and nothing short of that will clean it out.

What communists do!

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Morons Continue in California!

Have you ever wondered why California is controlled by Stalinist paranoid totalitarian politicans and how those politicians got into power. I mean they have banned shopping bags and now they are going to ban plastic bottles for liquids including bottled water. They also want to ban flush toilets and George Soros is behind it all. But that is another subject for another blog post.

The very evil, corrupt system and politicians who run it daily were elected by people you see in these videos. This is why we are in trouble and it touches on my next blog posting about education.

Yes, you heard right. This is what is voting for the tyranny you are experiencing.

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