Fallon’s Free Fall

It appears that Communist NBC Poster Boy and Obama ass-kisser Fallon who took the Tonight Show towards communism and the communist Mayor of New York City on NBC the “Nothing But Communist” network controlled by the CEO of G.E. Jeffrey Imelt, that jobs (communist”) czar of Obama’s. Fallon’s ratings are tanking 😀

After hobnobbing with the communist Obama’s and thrashing Americans, were you expecting higher ratings from Fallon? What a jerkwad tinselturd. Instead of doing comedy like Jay Leno, this guy immediately and I might add in utter stupidity, alienated more than half of “AMERICAN” viewers by making it politically left.

You know, I suspected the reason Jay Leno lost the show was by communists controlling NBC “Nothing But Communism” to punish Jay for not being communist enough. Of course if you really want to laugh, just kick back, microwave buttered popcorn and enjoy the ratings free fall this political communist Fallon is getting for being a political dupe instead of a comedienne making us laugh. Now that is funny. Even funnier is NBC “Nothing But Communists” paying through the nose to broadcast this show.

A piece of serious advice!

If I was Mr. Jay Leno, a great funny guy. I would cut a deal with FOX, get a new stage, band assembly even get a sidekick much like Ed McMahon was to the late great Johnny Carson. Be funny again Jay, make us laugh while you laugh too. Bring us comedy and move forward. Jay Leno, you are a great guy. NBC “Nothing But Communists” tried to dump you before. Loyalty is a two-way street man, and I’d take FOX and run with it.


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