Another word on Jay.

I have read the Jay Leno pros and cons and I have to just say I highly respect Mr. Leno. Did all of you guys and gals know that when the strikes came and other issues, Mr. Leno paid the salaries of his people on his show out of his own pocket. NBC didn’t. And that was not the only time he paid. He has done this several times. 20 years…20 years this man got on stage and made us laugh. He invited all political people from both main parties as well as independents. While David Letterman spouted the hate-America spiels on his show, Mr. Leno was beating Letterman with laughter…our laughter and the numbers don’t lie.

As you can see by the above video, David Letterman, mildly funny at best. More political then funny.

A different path to laughing’

People have compared Jay Leno to Johnny Carson for a long time. Truthfully the two comics have two very differing styles. Let me just say, I always loved both styles too, as long as I could enjoy a great laugh. Johnny Carson was what I call a gimmick based comedienne.

Yes the skits worked and worked very well for Mr. Carson. I loved growing up watching him all those decades. But Jay Leno’s style of making people laugh are along very different lines more shared with the late great guy below. I call this style the “One Liners” style.

Yes Bob Hope’s style and Jay Leno’s style of comedy are quite the same. A recent Leno monologue shows us this and it is what has worked following Johnny Carson’s style. Here, take a look at what NBC got rid of. What distinguishes Mr. Leno’s style from Mr. Hope’s is that Leno does more political monologues alongside many other varieties of comedy. This swings by the way in all directions.

So as you can see, he did comedy on everyone politically, fair and balanced. It was oif course always for laughs and it worked very well. A week after Leno is gone and Fallon is on, the ratings are going down. I think that NBC honestly made a huge mistake and while it could change, there is another lingering issue here as well. How do they hang on to a guy who they tried to get rid of three times, the third time being the charm?

Speaking of fair and balanced, this is a major GRAND opportunity for FOX to come screaming into top ratings with a top comedienne. Where NBC failed FOX could provide Leno a rebirth and not only a rebirth, but one where Jay comes roaring back to us all with laughter undercutting the people that cut him loose. This would mean Jay can laugh all the way to the bank, get the last laugh and make us all laugh with Jay Leno at FOX?


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