KTTV MisManagement continues!

So now the new advertisement states that KTTV wants to be the news channel. Now just hang on a second, or rather okay, they already are more or less. 4:30AM in the morning, news, thru 7AM. Then an entertainment show masquerading as an entertainment show with a few things here and there, some couches for debates, mainly is more news from 7AM thru 10AM. That is 5 1/2 hours of news. At 10AM more news, that now means 6 1/2 hours of news. Then TMZ which is celebrity news, throw that in too, now 7 hours of news. Finally at 11AM for an hour there is the Wendy Williams show.

Now to me, Wendy Williams seems like a sweet lady, but a quick Google search on comments and people think she’s a guy!

Then 12PM Midday comes on and tada Steve for the final squeaker and you guessed it. MORE NEWS! I guess at KTTV they take talking about the daily news seriously. 8 hours of news a morning Monday thru Friday and forget any entertainment shows with exception of Wendy Williams. I brought a serious point a long time ago and in many postings here on who watches the news and when they are watching it. 5AM thru 8AM viewers are getting ready to move on the go, need traffic and weather. 8AM viewers and on are less interested in the news, and KTTV Management falls on deaf viewers ears. Great going Kevin.

A show lineup like this… “8 hours of news” takes real planning. That’s the best thing that could happen for viewers of ABC, CBS, KTLA, NBC and many other channels. I am sure that Mr. Murdoch loves the job you are doing for HIS station! If you really want to impress Mr. Murdoch as the KTTV Manager why not make KTTV a news channel 24/7? I mean you could claim status as the goto CNN of the 21st Century FOX and that’s no joke.


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