The GDLA Merry-Go-Round

Well actually now that I got your attention let me post a new link for you to visit. GDLA hasn’t picked up on this story yet, but there is a brand new 3D Amusement Park simulation Park Building software on its way. It is in the very early stages but it is coming and it might be time for me to post on this. What this will do is let you build structures, plant trees, build paths, rides including flat rides and roller coasters and yes, even Disneyland Anaheim I am told especially with newer computer hardware. It is called Theme Park Studios and it plans to go where no 3D Amusement Park or 3D Roller Coaster Building software has gone before.


So with no further hadoo take a gander at this video of what is coming and enjoy what the news media hasn’t a clue exists right now and is almost here.


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