Attacks on your freedom to speak.

Last night, KTTV under the management of President Kevin T. Hale ran a story that just irked me big time. They don’t want anything negative to be said and if you post a negative then a professional psychiatrist comes on to back it up and sitting there so smug was Miss Christine Devine. It was as if she was delighted to hear that you can label a person, having been enabled by this psychiatrist. The good doctor explained all kinds of personality disorders and then went on to state examples of people pissed off at Justin Bieber. Now hang on a second. A few months back, DIEane NotSoFeinstein wanted blogging to be dead, no more voices. Carlos Amezcua when he originally came to FOX KTTV labeled bloggers in the FOX blogs at MyFoxLA a bunch of clowns and blogging nothing more than a circus.

What was significant coming on the heels of radio giant Mr. Rush Limbaugh’s statement Friday that he was being scathed by KTTV illustrates a very serious point here. How can FOX claim to be conservative when they are attacking the values of freedom? KTTV using a good doctor to demonize bloggers who write a negative post or others for venting is himself the very evil that tends to squash freedom.

I remember a more lady-like and kinder gentler Christine Devine, yet more and more, it seems she is also squashing news into commentary which can be very dangerous to an anchor of her long career caliber. You don’t get Miss Laura Diaz doing that. I hope Christine will stick to anchoring news, not pundit it. As for the good doctor honestly, he was doing his job, but he should have never been brought on.

See, here is the problem. Mr. Kevin T. Hale enjoys his POV freedom to commentate which is no different then blogging or commenting on a bad person such as Justin Bieber. Then Kevin’s station pushes an article that suppresses the free speech of others. “How does that work Kevin?” Remember if people cannot comment, you lose all of your other freedoms as well. You will become a robot the next time you do a POV. Your freedom starts with “US” that’s right, people. People who watch KTTV and make a statement like the shape the station is in is like crap! You may not like that, but guess what? “If you don’t know it’s broken, ya can’t fix it!” Ever hear that one or the emperor has no clothes?

The best thing that KTTV management has going is a “REAL” free voice that calls it as it is and that goes for anyone taking their most valuable commodity “time” which they can never get back. KTTV should be grateful for any comments it receives instead of trying to label people for saying it as it is. My hats off to those negatives on Justin Bieber. Punching people, kicking them, egging their homes, threatening them smoking pot on aircraft, threatening flight attendants, harboring drugs, racing illegally drunk on our streets, racing through neighborhoods where others live etc. This guy is a punk, a thug, he was criticized for coming to this country and endangering the public and what does your people at KTTV have to say about it? That those criticizing are “TROLLS.” Maybe the KTTV management should look in the mirror!


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