FOX Cans The Xfactor.

Did anyone see this comming for a very long time? Yes and I’ll tell you when it all came crashing down. When “America’s Girl” Paula Abdul was lured away from her own new show on CBS by Simon Cowell and then fired. Not nice, not nice!

This is because many folks across the U.S. and also around the globe just love Miss Abdul. So when they saw that, this is when things began going downhill. Then came the next seasons musical hosts which included Britney Spears, Khloe Kardashian and Mari Lopez along with Mr. Simon Cowell as the new judges. Did the ratings improve? No! Then we got musical judges again, this time with Paulina Rubio and Kelly Rowland and the ratings continued to drop. So why was the show continuing on?

Well, actually, it was Simon Cowell’s name and personna that got it all going, but as FOX has come to learn, people were never watching the shows for Simon, instead they were watching for a balanced mix and that included Miss Paula Abdul and Randy from Idol which continues but also has a ratings slide of its own.

What Idol producer Nigel should have done right off the bat was pay Paula Abdul better than she paid the host. Paula was they key to Idol. And they should have had, Randy, Paula and Simon. No new judges, no fourth judge, nobody but the original three judges that worked and Idol would be at the top of its game. What originally worked, worked and by changing it, the shows producers created issues for everyone including themselves. You know, this reminds me of another FOX flub up.

I always liked Mr. Kiefer Sutherland, a great acting talent and a nice guy as well. Very top of his game. Unfortunately Kiefer fell into a drinking problem with alcoholism and FOX execs knew this. (Bear with me, I am getting to my point) So when Kiefer is at the top of height in the 24 series, FOX execs throw a party. Now remember, he is one of their top entertainers. He gets invited to the FOX party and what are they serving at that party? Alcohol. And how did Kiefer get there? He drove. They didn’t get their top actor and commodity a limo ride which FOX has plenty of. Nope, they invite him to a party, serve him alcohol and then here is the real kicker. Are you ready for this? They send him home drunk in his car. Did they get a drunk actor who has a drinking issue after they served him alcohol a limo? Nope, they send their top actor out and he gets busted for DUI and some jail time too. The same way of handling things is how FOX execs allowed a great resource like Paula Abdul to be let go, thus beginning the slide of Idol, causing Cowell to vacate, revolving musical judges on Idol, ratings slide there, then Cowell gets Xfactor lures Abdul back, cans her and that show tanks as well. Now yes, there is a drop of viewership across the board as they are burned out on competition shows like Idol as well as reality shows. Then throw in doctor and cop shows and it all figures. So what would be a ratings hit on TV? How about a good quality western series, maybe a steampunk western series like the original “Wild Wild West” and how about more sci-fi series? Has there been any Star Trek series as of late? Anything like a Babylon Five, nope! How about a debate show with Dr. Michael Savage and Bill O’Reilly as cohosts taking on the bad guys and gals in the beltway?

See, there thus lies the problem. Same old same old, my name is so and so and therefore I deserve a new show and everyone will erhmmm, won’t watch me anymore.

Now and finally. If Miss Paula Abdul wants to ever talk, I had sent her a packet on my new dance show proposal. Costs would be a fraction of Idol or Xfactor and I believe America would embrace it and her as a main hostess as well. All you have to do in life is embrace it and take a first giant step and the remainder of the long walk goes fast!!! Maybe she’ll be smart and follow my twitter 😉 stranger things have happened in life and yes I’m an SFV boy Paula.


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