Rumors running rampant on Leno!

The great Jay Leno

It seems that front runner FOX may well have wrapped up a possible show. No date yet and no confirmation of any “out clauses” on Leno with NBC “Nothing But Crap” have been confirmed to my knowledge. But several sources have hinted that a possible new comedy night show with Leno is highly possible.

The show would most likely tape at the FOX Los Angeles studios or at the TV studios of KTTV. Again it is somewhat up in the air till I get more on this. This would hurl FOX right into the late night show wars and with a top ratings draw at that.

To me this makes perfect sense and I don’t see why FOX wouldn’t facilitate a brand new show. A perfect title might be CBN “Comedy Blasting Network” and oh that would do it. Yup, Leno on CBN at FOX and people would flock to it like kids to candy. Leno has many great years ahead and it remains to be seen that he entertains and does what he loves doing best.

Three times NBC tried to give Jay Leno the heave-ho and it seems the third one is the charm for NBC. But have they made a tremendous mistake? Well, most folks I talk to don’t find anything of value to watch on NBC anymore to be quite frank and if they did watch, it was Jay Leno. Like a solid old rock, Jay was there, a big part of the Americana landscape that reminded us we still had an America. In essence he became a historic icon of sorts and not just in the United States, but around the globe spanning three decades. So NBC just got rid of that. While Fallon is quite able in his own respect, a number of viewers who have followed him find him nowhere near the caliber of comedienne that Jay Leno has been. This could leave NBC in a bad spot, a very bad spot. With Leno gone elsewhere it might forever end the reign of higher ratings NBC has enjoyed in the Tonight Show and possibly even kill it down the road. So this is a tremendously huge gamble that NBC is hoping will work out.

Another tragedy here is Burbank, yes Burbank and California. The Tonight Show has always been associated with Burbank as much as Saturday Night Live has with New York City. Burbank and the Tonight Show and NBC have been joined for half a century or more at the hip. This surgery by the execs at NBC kills the Burbank and Hollywood image. Where as the NBC studios were at Hollywood’s doorstep, NBC will now have to fly guests in to New York city across the country. If you are an environmentalist, you may well cringe at the thought of putting up jet trails across the sky to get celebs 3,000 miles away from where they used to only require a short distance drive in a limo.

On the other hand, a west coast studio production with Jay Leno and a new set and network work quite well, especially if the show is local. It means more guests will have faster access to visit the show set and hob nob with Jay Leno on a new nightly network show, leaving NBC with the 3,000 mile handicap and a tired celeb flying to NYC to tape.

So to be perfectly clear. As the months will bear out the rumors running rampant of Leno at FOX, it is a win-win for the FOX TV network and Jay Leno who doesn’t have to leave the airwaves and cry over it. Don’t get mad at NBC for doing what they tried to before. Instead get FOX and viewers, Jay and Hollywood wins!


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