Best Damned Political Show on FOX!!!

“The Political Hack Job”

Okay, take Mr. Bill O’Reilly and take the super knowledgeable Dr. Michael Savage and throw both together as equal co hosts on a political show much like the McLaughlin Group. Bring in co-hosts that rotate each week such as the great one Mark Levin, Sean Hannity and even Rush Limbaugh…mega dittos. Others such as Ann Coulter, Larry Elder, John and Ken and then bring on the liberals and leftists. Two hour show and each of the main hosts Savage and O’Reilly would control that hour and swap who goes first hour and second hour from week to week.

Bring on the leftist guests, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, David Axelrod, Henry Waxman, Shiela Jackson Lee and a host of others on the show. Open it up, a free for all controlled by the host of that hour and lets get it on! Get the debates going on ideas, just let it flow baby. It will be heated, it will get intense, but you know what. Honestly, we will get all sides on issues and I’ll bet something else here and I don’t gamble. I’d be willing to bet you put this on TV on a Friday evening and the ratings will skyrocket through the roof from coast to coast. More important, we would hear the issues debated by many wise folks.

Rupert Murdoch has a potential powerhouse here if he can get it going, and if Savage and the others can come together mend some fences and then move on to seriously take on those who have a completely differing viewpoint of what American could or should be. The conservative hosts like Savage and others all bring wisdom. For example with Levin you get someone who knows the mechanics of constitutional law, with others you get a specialized insight into a great many things and who can resist the charming Irish smiles of Hannity and O’Reilly, very polished and smooth debaters. With Dr. Savage and Rush you get a long time of combined knowledge and insights. Likewise the leftists would be bringing their ideas to the debates as well.


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