Creepshow 2014

Episode One of Creepshow 2014 “Bonerpetite

The first Tinselturd creep is this guy, a real tallywhacker. You know, even his jokes that stereotype Jews as Hollywood Schmucks is bad. If he could embrace Nazis he would. Oh wait, what is the current regime and the political party he affiliates with? Then there is his tallywhacker.

Creepshow 2014 Episode Number 1

This Putz of the lowest order is after anything he can boink (according to the media) 😉 and that especially goes for those living near him 😉 😉 or so the press has been reporting. The only award he should get is “the horny tinselturd” of the year. Turns my stomach.

Episode Two of Creepshow 14 is “Leave It To Bieber” here watch a trailer.

This little CREEP has done nothing but threaten, harass and attack Americans and he isn’t even an American while racing down our streets threatening people. Living in a house a majority of Americans will never have especially those Americans who are “HOMELESS” because the creeps in Washington sold out our jobs to everyone expect American citizens and continue to destroy freedom. That brings me to a few more creeps while I’m at it.

Episode Three of Creepshow 2014 “DIEane and the Talking Gun Mail Kill!

This Nazi fascist creep whose face can do what is in the video below is one of the scariest lowest forms of living matter on the face of the planet and yeah she is a “JINO” Jew In Name Only, unlike me so if you think I went too far with the link of this swastika on its forehead I didn’t go far enough in my free speech. Now believe it or not, this creature, this thing, this monster, this NAZI posing as a JINO has tried to make blogging illegal, kill the second and first amendment and enslave you while destroying your country for its personal profits. Don’t believe me. This creature is behind closing your post offices, creating unemployment while giving its husband a billion bucks and profiting from you having less places to mail your bill, packages and letters.

Now watch what this monster is really doing.

and this.

and then there is this one.

and to make this creature a real hypocrite, watch this!

Creep Show 2014 Episode 4 “The Blubbered Boogieman

The Blubbered Boogieman has tentacles that once on land, can take over a nation. It inhabits the bodies of Nazi sympathizers, a “JINO” Jew In Name Only whose sole purpose is to feed its profit center by turning in real Jews to real Nazis and then spending a life trying to destroy whole countries while “F-ing” the populace to continue feeding the blubber account. No wonder this monster continues without stopping. Its tentacles are everywhere. And you can see it in this body, witness a few things it has been doing lately. Talk about creeps. Here is the fallout from this monster, are you ready???

and what is the monster doing to your “Borders, language and culture?”

We hope you enjoyed the show Creepshow 2014. More creeps coming soon.


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