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Fallon’s Free Fall

It appears that Communist NBC Poster Boy and Obama ass-kisser Fallon who took the Tonight Show towards communism and the communist Mayor of New York City on NBC the “Nothing But Communist” network controlled by the CEO of G.E. Jeffrey Imelt, that jobs (communist”) czar of Obama’s. Fallon’s ratings are tanking 😀

After hobnobbing with the communist Obama’s and thrashing Americans, were you expecting higher ratings from Fallon? What a jerkwad tinselturd. Instead of doing comedy like Jay Leno, this guy immediately and I might add in utter stupidity, alienated more than half of “AMERICAN” viewers by making it politically left.

You know, I suspected the reason Jay Leno lost the show was by communists controlling NBC “Nothing But Communism” to punish Jay for not being communist enough. Of course if you really want to laugh, just kick back, microwave buttered popcorn and enjoy the ratings free fall this political communist Fallon is getting for being a political dupe instead of a comedienne making us laugh. Now that is funny. Even funnier is NBC “Nothing But Communists” paying through the nose to broadcast this show.

A piece of serious advice!

If I was Mr. Jay Leno, a great funny guy. I would cut a deal with FOX, get a new stage, band assembly even get a sidekick much like Ed McMahon was to the late great Johnny Carson. Be funny again Jay, make us laugh while you laugh too. Bring us comedy and move forward. Jay Leno, you are a great guy. NBC “Nothing But Communists” tried to dump you before. Loyalty is a two-way street man, and I’d take FOX and run with it.


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Another word on Jay.

I have read the Jay Leno pros and cons and I have to just say I highly respect Mr. Leno. Did all of you guys and gals know that when the strikes came and other issues, Mr. Leno paid the salaries of his people on his show out of his own pocket. NBC didn’t. And that was not the only time he paid. He has done this several times. 20 years…20 years this man got on stage and made us laugh. He invited all political people from both main parties as well as independents. While David Letterman spouted the hate-America spiels on his show, Mr. Leno was beating Letterman with laughter…our laughter and the numbers don’t lie.

As you can see by the above video, David Letterman, mildly funny at best. More political then funny.

A different path to laughing’

People have compared Jay Leno to Johnny Carson for a long time. Truthfully the two comics have two very differing styles. Let me just say, I always loved both styles too, as long as I could enjoy a great laugh. Johnny Carson was what I call a gimmick based comedienne.

Yes the skits worked and worked very well for Mr. Carson. I loved growing up watching him all those decades. But Jay Leno’s style of making people laugh are along very different lines more shared with the late great guy below. I call this style the “One Liners” style.

Yes Bob Hope’s style and Jay Leno’s style of comedy are quite the same. A recent Leno monologue shows us this and it is what has worked following Johnny Carson’s style. Here, take a look at what NBC got rid of. What distinguishes Mr. Leno’s style from Mr. Hope’s is that Leno does more political monologues alongside many other varieties of comedy. This swings by the way in all directions.

So as you can see, he did comedy on everyone politically, fair and balanced. It was oif course always for laughs and it worked very well. A week after Leno is gone and Fallon is on, the ratings are going down. I think that NBC honestly made a huge mistake and while it could change, there is another lingering issue here as well. How do they hang on to a guy who they tried to get rid of three times, the third time being the charm?

Speaking of fair and balanced, this is a major GRAND opportunity for FOX to come screaming into top ratings with a top comedienne. Where NBC failed FOX could provide Leno a rebirth and not only a rebirth, but one where Jay comes roaring back to us all with laughter undercutting the people that cut him loose. This would mean Jay can laugh all the way to the bank, get the last laugh and make us all laugh with Jay Leno at FOX?

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KTTV MisManagement continues!

So now the new advertisement states that KTTV wants to be the news channel. Now just hang on a second, or rather okay, they already are more or less. 4:30AM in the morning, news, thru 7AM. Then an entertainment show masquerading as an entertainment show with a few things here and there, some couches for debates, mainly is more news from 7AM thru 10AM. That is 5 1/2 hours of news. At 10AM more news, that now means 6 1/2 hours of news. Then TMZ which is celebrity news, throw that in too, now 7 hours of news. Finally at 11AM for an hour there is the Wendy Williams show.

Now to me, Wendy Williams seems like a sweet lady, but a quick Google search on comments and people think she’s a guy!

Then 12PM Midday comes on and tada Steve for the final squeaker and you guessed it. MORE NEWS! I guess at KTTV they take talking about the daily news seriously. 8 hours of news a morning Monday thru Friday and forget any entertainment shows with exception of Wendy Williams. I brought a serious point a long time ago and in many postings here on who watches the news and when they are watching it. 5AM thru 8AM viewers are getting ready to move on the go, need traffic and weather. 8AM viewers and on are less interested in the news, and KTTV Management falls on deaf viewers ears. Great going Kevin.

A show lineup like this… “8 hours of news” takes real planning. That’s the best thing that could happen for viewers of ABC, CBS, KTLA, NBC and many other channels. I am sure that Mr. Murdoch loves the job you are doing for HIS station! If you really want to impress Mr. Murdoch as the KTTV Manager why not make KTTV a news channel 24/7? I mean you could claim status as the goto CNN of the 21st Century FOX and that’s no joke.

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Attacks on your freedom to speak.

Last night, KTTV under the management of President Kevin T. Hale ran a story that just irked me big time. They don’t want anything negative to be said and if you post a negative then a professional psychiatrist comes on to back it up and sitting there so smug was Miss Christine Devine. It was as if she was delighted to hear that you can label a person, having been enabled by this psychiatrist. The good doctor explained all kinds of personality disorders and then went on to state examples of people pissed off at Justin Bieber. Now hang on a second. A few months back, DIEane NotSoFeinstein wanted blogging to be dead, no more voices. Carlos Amezcua when he originally came to FOX KTTV labeled bloggers in the FOX blogs at MyFoxLA a bunch of clowns and blogging nothing more than a circus.

What was significant coming on the heels of radio giant Mr. Rush Limbaugh’s statement Friday that he was being scathed by KTTV illustrates a very serious point here. How can FOX claim to be conservative when they are attacking the values of freedom? KTTV using a good doctor to demonize bloggers who write a negative post or others for venting is himself the very evil that tends to squash freedom.

I remember a more lady-like and kinder gentler Christine Devine, yet more and more, it seems she is also squashing news into commentary which can be very dangerous to an anchor of her long career caliber. You don’t get Miss Laura Diaz doing that. I hope Christine will stick to anchoring news, not pundit it. As for the good doctor honestly, he was doing his job, but he should have never been brought on.

See, here is the problem. Mr. Kevin T. Hale enjoys his POV freedom to commentate which is no different then blogging or commenting on a bad person such as Justin Bieber. Then Kevin’s station pushes an article that suppresses the free speech of others. “How does that work Kevin?” Remember if people cannot comment, you lose all of your other freedoms as well. You will become a robot the next time you do a POV. Your freedom starts with “US” that’s right, people. People who watch KTTV and make a statement like the shape the station is in is like crap! You may not like that, but guess what? “If you don’t know it’s broken, ya can’t fix it!” Ever hear that one or the emperor has no clothes?

The best thing that KTTV management has going is a “REAL” free voice that calls it as it is and that goes for anyone taking their most valuable commodity “time” which they can never get back. KTTV should be grateful for any comments it receives instead of trying to label people for saying it as it is. My hats off to those negatives on Justin Bieber. Punching people, kicking them, egging their homes, threatening them smoking pot on aircraft, threatening flight attendants, harboring drugs, racing illegally drunk on our streets, racing through neighborhoods where others live etc. This guy is a punk, a thug, he was criticized for coming to this country and endangering the public and what does your people at KTTV have to say about it? That those criticizing are “TROLLS.” Maybe the KTTV management should look in the mirror!

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The GDLA Merry-Go-Round

Well actually now that I got your attention let me post a new link for you to visit. GDLA hasn’t picked up on this story yet, but there is a brand new 3D Amusement Park simulation Park Building software on its way. It is in the very early stages but it is coming and it might be time for me to post on this. What this will do is let you build structures, plant trees, build paths, rides including flat rides and roller coasters and yes, even Disneyland Anaheim I am told especially with newer computer hardware. It is called Theme Park Studios and it plans to go where no 3D Amusement Park or 3D Roller Coaster Building software has gone before.


So with no further hadoo take a gander at this video of what is coming and enjoy what the news media hasn’t a clue exists right now and is almost here.

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KTTV’s Troll’s on The News!

So last night, anyone with a negative opinion who says anything negative about anybody according to a “schmuck” PhD Psychiatrist is considered a troll, to be blocked and ignored. What KTTV is doing of course, is trying to silence free speech even if negative and doing it in the media by re-branding people as a name group. This is the exact same tyranny you’d expect from totalitarian commies and I am sure that “Broccolihead” is behind it along with a very delighted Christine Devine. She seemed overjoyed to be able to re-brand and relabel anyone who criticizes anyone else on the internet as a verbal bully according to the college schmuck!


Make no mistake about it, that if you can’t deal with em, beat em down with a label and then go after them and destroy them. You know, someone once told me that ignorance is bliss. In this case, ignorance is false damning. What Broccolihead and Devine miss entirely is the fact that people are free to vent. Yes there are trolls, but there is a very fine line in blogging on issues. Take for example the guy in the photo above. He is a news celebrity, a CELEBRITY and is thus fair game. He seeks out fame being the avowed KTTV Manager and FOX President as he recently claimed. So good for him, great Kevin, glad you got there. Then Kevin followed me on Twitter. When I communicated with him on a friendly basis, he ignored those and then unfollowed me. What an asshole! Then he took the unmitigated gall like a further asshole to block my Twitter. Good going Kevin, it confirms vegetables for a brain and if you think that is trolling, great, it’s a badge of honor. Now I will show you something okay. I am going to unblock you from Twitter. Why, because I am a better person than you. I can see it now, the PhD psychiatrist schmuck comes in and labels that, because that is what they do, label things and throw blame. This means if you blog and it is in anyway negative you are a troll. But what about for example Justin Bieber negatives? KTTV last night said attacks on Bieber were by Trolls. What about Bieber’s criminal acts against the public, what do you call those KTTV?

Hey Kevin you are unblocked from my Twitter. What about your acts against the station and its employees, what do you call those? Lets talk the lovely Miss Heidi S. Cuda, Mark Thompson but to name a few, what do you call those Kevin? See, I can label you a “Business Troll,” or the delightful Miss Christine Devine a Troll for trying to label those in the public whom disagree a troll. My point here is you need all voices good and bad and if you are a celebrity, TV show, Movie or News, or a Politician you are more fair game than others because you sought fame before the masses. And you are using the public to present yourself as a product. Just like the PhD Psychiatrist last night on your news who decided to step before millions to label dissenting voices and place them into a category.

And while I am at it, what is the real definition of a Troll? Well, to show how stupid the PhD really was and KTTV for running him, you should have looked in the dictionary first…IDIOTS!

Definition One according to Merriam Webster Dictionary.

As a Verb:

: to fish with a hook and line that you pull through the water

: to search for or try to get (something)

: to search through (something)

As A Transitive Verb:

:  to cause to move round and round :  roll
a :  to sing the parts of (as a round or catch) in succession

b :  to sing loudly

c :  to celebrate in song

a :  to fish for by trolling

b :  to fish by trolling in <troll lakes>

c :  to pull through the water in trolling <troll a lure>

d :  to search in or at <trolls flea markets for bargains>; also :  prowl <troll nightclubs>

As an Intransitive Verb:
:  to move around :  ramble
a :  to fish by trailing a lure or baited hook from a moving boat

b :  search, look <trolling for sponsors>; also :  prowl

:  to sing or play in a jovial manner
:  to speak rapidly
troll·er noun
Now As A Noun Example #1:
:  a lure or a line with its lure and hook used in trolling
Now As A Noun Example #2:
:  a dwarf or giant in Scandinavian folklore inhabiting caves or hills
Now if you want the internet example let’s go back to Rush Limbaugh’s show on Friday and what did Rush state on national radio. “He is being bullied by FOX KTTV at that station which goes back to “TROLLING” by KTTV just like last night’s attack on bloggers and those who profess to free speech and negative opinions in a country being purposefully taken away from the people. And Miss Christine Devine was just smug with that phony smile last night as she seemed delighted to have a brand new label. If she followed my account instead of “trolling” on peoples freedoms maybe she would learn something along with Kevin who right now while blocking me on Twitter is fully unblocked on my Twitter and why? To prove the difference between someone who thinks with brains and someone with a vegetable for thought! And finally to expose Mr. PhD Psychiatrist for branding and labeling people, categorizing them when most people speak out negatively reacting to much crime, lawlessness and destruction occurring around them daily. Maybe PhD could start with Washington and Sacramento politicians before attacking the general public. And that Broccolihead is my POV of the day. Take that and stuff that in your KTTV vegetable bin!

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Car alternatives coming your way.

So first the ground transportation worth watching.

From the past!!!

and a bit fast forward.

and this one

and a bit of hover perhaps.

and let us not forget water, yes cars for water.

and finally this one.

and then there is flight and jetcars or aerocars, yes they are coming if rather slowly and a few are here already. The future catching up? You decide.

and finally the Chinese bought into Moller. I remember this on the front page of Popular Mechanic’s 1991 edition.

January 1991 Edition

Well better late than never!

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