Leave It To Bieber

This young jackass comes to America, gets lucky, gets millions terrorizes neighbors and neighborhoods, breaks laws left and right, cranks out crap for music to affect younger minds and is rewarded while American born kids get zip, nada, zilch. That’s right, Bieber is a foreigner who has broken numerous laws here. It is time to deport and bar this young thug from the United States of America for good oh and take his money on the way out. Let the yodeler go back North to his original country and get rid of this trash and his family.

He is not loyal to this country, and Justin does not respect our laws. He’s another lawless POPturd as far as I am concerned as a real American. We don’t need him, his talent or his product and we certainly can live without his lawlessness. He went and egged a neighbor’s house.

He attacked an America news cameraman physically.

The above in England, below on American soil.

Then he goes across the USA and in another state, blocks off a public road, is intoxicated on alcohol and drugs and goes racing with flagrant disrespect for anyone else’s well being. This kid is a punk, a THUG! The solution is easy. Tired of watching “Leave It To Bieber?” Then the answer is clearly in one all important and descriptive word. “DEPORT!”


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