KTTV Morning Back To Normal.

Well the old news team of Tony “TAKEETS” McEwing and Araksya which essentially leaves Bobby “D” back in the field. Jeff Michaels who always has reminded me of a younger John Beard now with Christine and GDLA trying but still failing. The Marla character still doesn’t do it for me. I am sure she is a 😉 wonderful human being okay, but I have honestly had enough. Then there is the arm flailing and everyone yelling “SPORTS” as if it is some holy grail while the country is going to commie crap in a hand-basket as fast as KTTV’s viewership ratings. Honestly, most people don’t care a rats ass about “SPORTS” really. Arm flailing only goes so far and then becomes an annoyance. Exercising also doesn’t quite cut it. Now if Mr. POV himself, you know who I am talking about, not the schmuck who went to talk radio with boring topics, but Broccoli Head and the executive gang really knew what they were doing, they would sit everyone down, brainstorm, crunch real numbers, ask questions, realize what the problems were and find solutions. Someone once taught me that “if you don’t know there’s a problem, you can’t fix it.” Well guess what. KTTV has several major problems that are going ignored because people with vegetables for brains can think long enough to fix the problems at hand. Now I’m not an executive, nor a manager nor anyone working at FOX or Newscorp or KTTV, but I certainly do see that it is all broken and post about it here.

Now while the KTTV people all the way up to Mr. Murdoch read my blog posts, nothing is being done to fix the morning issues. Let me be quite precise. Good Day L.A. could be a top notch fun two hour show and be educational, informative and entertaining and really pack a ratings walloping punch. Instead it’s an aging show with no real format nor direction. Anchors rotate in and out and it is quite honestly and Steve will understand this, a big Hazarai!!! What hurts is watching it be this when it doesn’t have to be. With low ratings, things will only go so far and then KABOOM the show is gone. YOU DON’T NEED 5 TO 6 HOURS OF MORNING NEWS! Got it? Three hours is more than enough. I explained the viewer types and when they watch. I explained aligning the shows for the viewers and what hours. I explained a sample roadmap for a real entertainment venue. Unfortunately, when you have a green vegetable for a brain, this is what you get. Rotting mush! Have a nice day.


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