Soros Group Bags freedom in L.A.?

Follow the money and you soon may come to find that George Soros Tides Foundation is behind financing in part for the “Heal The Bay” organization that pushed for you not to have grocery bags anymore. Now this is still speculative, but it wouldn’t surprise me that this is the case. It took some digging on this but it appears they may be another extension of this devilish thug who collaborated with Nazis. See folks, what communists do is they work to strip away your freedoms one freedom at a time and environmentalists are the new communists of the 21st century. So now lets find out some real facts about plastic grocery bags. Like for instance, the plastic bags are 100% recyclable, yes that’s right the plastic of grocery bags is 100% recyclable. Then there is plastic pollution and what percentage of plastic pollution do plastic grocery shopping bags make up? According to a study they make up 0.5% of the waste stream. Yes you heard me correctly. On top of that, they weigh in in bulk shipments at about a 1/4 the weight of paper bags and why is there a charge for paper bags that used to be free? To punish you while profiting at the same time.

The Los Angeles City Council except Bernard Parks much to his credit voted for this and it was propagated by the Los Angeles chapter of “Heal The Bay” which gets Soros money. Need I illustrate more. A foreign born communist and thug finances groups that strip you of your freedoms while profiting. Even worse were the grocers. They were all for this bag ban against the well being of their customers. This way you continue buying their high priced union groceries and they no longer give you a free bag so you can buy more and guess what is happening.

Well first lets get a nice laugh from these very stupid communist schmucks surrendering their freedom and screwing yours.

These are the dumb liberal scumBAGS.


and even more…

stupid idiots!!

What an old bag, no wonder why she’s covered…idiot!!!

So now let us illustrate what the communists have done for grocery shopping businesses in Los Angeles and it’s already evident. This is what a shopping cart used to look like when people purchased their stuff at the super market.

Now witness what has been happening and note how many groceries people take from the market on average.

I see one large bag.

About 2 1/2 half filled plastic bags. Let’s consider a few more.

How full of bags is that shopping cart now?

Nowhere near what it used to be. Then it gets even worse for grocers. Not only do people resist purchasing a paper bag but they carry less in their hand as well. Talk about from going boon to bust for the grocery markets. They couldn’t have killed their businesses faster by endorsing this. It’s called Cutting off your nose to spite your face and boy oh boy, did they ever cut themselves way down on revenues. Customers are fighting back by saving money, not buying bags and buying much less, in many cases carrying just what they can by hand.

Screw You Super Markets, L.A. City Council and Communists at Heal The Bay!

So what to do now. Buy very little. Dwindle super market revenues, don’t pay for paper bags and only hand carry out of a store the very essentials. In other words you the consumer can screw the city of L.A. by dwindling sales and tax revenues. Also you can directly teach businesses likes Ralph’s Super Markets a lesson that when they are hostile to your needs as a customer, you can take your business to a minimum or better yet shop groceries online and forgo the brick and mortar businesses altogether. And finally, Heal The Bay boasts that they screwed you out of your shopping bags. Sue them for putting y0ur health at risk. Cloth and alternative bags contain viruses. Get a cold, get a lawyer. It’s time to Heal L.A. and trash Heal The Bay and while you are at it, next election, every City Council person less Bernard Parks for foisting totalitarianism on you and your loved ones.


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