Los Angeles new Mayor proves himself the real deal.

I may scathe but I will fairly credit where credit is due and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is proving himself genuine so far.

His Honor Mayor Garcetti

The current Mayor Garcetti his honor has proven so far, very effective and honorable on a host of issues and seems in earnest to be doing a great job from what I have witnessed as a native born to the city of angels.

Former dishonor Mayor Tallywhacker

(He thinks with the small head)

Where Garcetti is light years ahead of the last dishonorable mayor who couldn’t keep his penis in his pants long enough to fix up this once beautiful city, this mayor is doing. Crime is down, no doubt about that, and the streets are finally beginning to get fixed. The DWP’s union is being taken to task for corruption and honestly while Los Angeles faces major challenges like the potential loss of its entire entertainment industry among other things, from what I can see, Mayor Garcetti should be encouraged to fix issues in the city of Los Angeles. If a politician is bad, I’ll call em on it. If they are good, I’ll praise them and today I decided to praise this mayor for the steps and initiative he has been taking. I was quite skeptical at first though I left the jury out, but his honor Mayor Garcetti seems deserving of the term. I realize he is a Democrat for all those that will argue that fine point here. But he really is trying to fix the city and if he concentrates on that, regardless of party, I’ll go with it every time., standing behind what I post!


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