Bag Ban coming back to haunt L.A.?

Many shoppers are not bringing their own bags nor are they paying 10 cents for a paper bag. But guess what πŸ˜€ there is something else happening too. They are buying less groceries as they wheel carts out into the shopping parking lot. That’s right. The supermarket is selling less items with pissed off people and having to make their help get more carts. So in essence when the super markets provided free shopping bags, customers filled them. Let me repeat this in case it slipped by you. “Customers filled the shopping bags” and in more purchases. By having no shopping bags, people are purchasing less items or perhaps single items because they have to carry them. Chalk it all up to human nature. Those that do purchase stuff on average own a couple of bags and fill them mostly with essentials. So where by a customer used to exit the supermarket with say 4 or 6 bags of groceries they now are exiting with one, maybe two.

But wait a second sebassh. Don’t those rugged cloth shopping bags hold more? Yes and no. In most cases, what I have observed is less sales of products particularly refrigerated and frozen goods. These have become the least popular items to be sold with canned and bottled goods the more mainstay of sales at least at the local Kroger owned Ralphs store.

Double whammy!!! Leave it to the Los Angeles City Council to cut their own revenues when they are at the current time, losing the entire entertainment industry. Can you do any better than that folks? See, with less items purchased comes less…tada!!! TAX REVENUES πŸ™‚ and L.A. lives on TAX REVENUES and by less local sales of items, Los Angeles might soon require a new group called “Heal The L.A.” and I rest my case. Disagree, feel free to chime in here.

Now what percentage of plastic bags end up in the Santa Monica Bay? According to statistics about 1.3 percent. There is far more junk from other sources yet your shopping bags, plastic and paper are no longer given you and what is the real reason I suspect? Perhaps the supermarkets wanted to save a little money? Well, it may well cost both the businesses as well as the city in sales revenues. Finally, here comes the net.

You can order, buy and have delivered to your door, groceries, in some cases free of charge and low or no tax from of all places,

So in case the bag ban blows up in the face of Los Angeles or California, don’t forget you read it here first. And that’s the name of that tune.


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