Carlos Amezcua On Patriot Radio

Following Sean Hannity, former FOX KTTV news anchor Carlos Amezcua went to radio. I took some time to listen to his new station and hope he makes it, however from what I heard, it might not go that way and here’s why.

Format, format and format. Today he was talking about his cold. Do I really give a rats ass about someone’s cold other than immediate family and not trying to catch one. And he talked about racial issues. Uh Carlos, a small hint. The country already has enough to contend with on race relations. I don’t think they have been this bad for a very long time. See, here is the problem Carlos. The show was for the most part—boring. So he kicks back and says probably, “if you don’t like it, turn it off.” Okay I did.

Best saving of time I ever did. Hey Carlos, take Dimetapp, it’ll make ya feel better, meanwhile you need a new show format, cause the current one is boring. Good luck!!!

P.S….you still owe bloggers an apology for referring to bloggers as nothing more than a bunch of clowns.


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