Marla needs to head back home.

I am sure she is a nice person, and I don’t dislike her or anything like that, but Miss Gina Silva should have had anchor. Gina has experience as anchor and would have been best served there, just my humble opinion. This thing where schmuck exec at KTTV goes and pulls in other anchors from elsewhere doesn’t do it for me. In fact, as a (customer of the product) viewer, I feel insulted that “musical anchors” has begun again when you have established people who are well known to viewers.


Marla, Martha, Marta whatever, doesn’t work for me and I am not the only viewer. In addition watching Steve go off flailing his arms demanding the co-anchor blurt out “SPORTS” that doesn’t work either. Not only is it not funny, it becomes a serious channel changer for a number of people. It’s bad enough that the GDLA format is so screwed up right now, but pulling in new anchors has run its mill and become quite stale and annoying. People want to see and watch older faces (not necessarily on a geriatric basis) but what I mean is they want people that have been here a while. Steve, Lisa and yes Miss Gina Silva. You promoted Bob Decastro when Tony went to a later show, why not promote Miss Gina Silva right now for viewers. She is pretty, funny, giggly and most of all, sharp and smart. She is also known by many viewers. The show is screwed up and needs to be fixed. Please also read my last posting. Any other viewers that want to weigh in, go right ahead. It is sad that it is not getting fixed and please don’t blame the hosts here. The blame squarely goes onto the shoulders of KTTV execs and management and the execs at Newscorp that Mr. Murdoch entrusts to fix things and run his business. Right now, those execs ain’t cutting it. Just one viewer’s (customer of a product) opinion!


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