FOX KTTV Part 2 How to FIX GDLA!!!

As promised, this week we will talk about viewing times to fix what is broken at KTTV in the mornings. In my first part I discussed who was watching FOX a KTTV in Los Angeles and why they watch it as I have many times up here. The reason to identify the viewer type and viewing times, allows us to fine tune things for a morning lineup.

In this first case we discovered the news viewers are generally the 5AM to 8AM crowd and that by 8AM most were already gone. Off to work, or perhaps drop the kids at school or in the case of many moms, both!

Thus the news should run efficiently at 5AM to 8AM as discussed.  Running the news any earlier is actually a waste and it also taxes further, the hosts when it doesn’t really have to. Yes there are people up at 4AM but honestly, not enough to seriously do a product. This then leaves the 8AM to 10AM two hour slot for GDLA “Good Day Los Angeles” as the follow up. It is a major but simple realignment to fixing the morning viewer lineup.

In the case of GDLA, it not only really requires being reduced an hour, but it should be an entertainment venue and purely an entertainment venue. That is what it was originally. These days it has become another 3 hours of news. That means that FOX essentially runs 4:30AM to 10AM or 5 1/2 hours of news with entertainment mish-mash thrown in for a show and this is one main issue of why GDLA is in serious trouble with dwindling viewers. The couch beef with four co-hosts is a nice gimmick but it doesn’t really cut it. The main host becoming delirious with people on queue yelling “SPORTS” that is just a complete waste as well. What must be made is simply this. Is GDLA another 3 hours of news? Or, is it what it originally was intended to be, an entertainment venue?

That is the main serious question to be discovered and probably sooner rather than later, because honestly guys and gals, time is running down from what I see as a viewer and it honestly can be top of the TV heap. But this will require some major changes.

So let’s discuss the changes for a two-hour formatted show. This is another alternative

Hour 1:

10 minutes news briefs, weather and traffic, skips sports.

commercial break 5 minutes

10 minutes Hollywood Gossip, celebrities.

commercial break 5 minutes

10 minutes Food tasting cuisine, shows how to cook it celeb style.

commercial break 5 minutes

10 minutes Hollywood sites lets visit famous haunts live.

commercial break 5 minutes

2 minutes what’s coming hour two Segment 1 exit to:

commercial break 8 minutes

Hour 2:

commercial break 5 minutes

5 minutes – Comedian Live! Make us laugh.

5 Minutes – Musical Guest Band/Singer Live.

commercial break 5 minutes

10 minutes – On the set of a Hollywood show or movie filming.

commercial break 5 minutes

10 minutes – Show us people behind the camera. Let’s meet editors, directors camera men/women, what does a producer look like, what makes Hollywood really tick. Make it fun and educate us, who makes special FX, what do they use?

10 minutes – Southern California vacation hot spots (ever hear of Huell Howser? Why not GDLA 😉 )

Exit show to commercial break 5 minutes – The End

And this show with this format would soar beyond anything where it stands now. Right now it is dying and wants to live. Here is a road map and I know the KTTV execs will read it. Will they act on it or make excuses. See, I author and sell novels and there is an artistic bent here. Not all execs realize this, but there is no price on vision and that is what this new show format screams. I am not boasting about me, but if I can do this, a humble “LITTLE” guy, why can’t the KTTV and Newscorp execs who get the big bucks and this is my point. Right there, hour 1 and hour 2 laid out. No more three hours of news and 15 minutes on sports with a guy hysterically raising his arms instructing co-hosts to yell sports. Most viewer know what happened already and honestly Steve, really. Most viewers don’t really care. Please entertainment them KTTV and be what your competition ain’t, cause they are beginning to read this too and may well beat you to the punch giving L.A. residents a real two hour entertainment venue.


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