FOX KTTV News strong, GDLA near in the tank!

Now here’s my newest POV as a viewer (a customer).

Let us talk nightly news. Christine Devine and Tony McEwing perfect! Perfect matchup and I must credit KTTV broccoli heads for using some smarts. Likewise the morning news lineup with Bob DeCastro and Araksya Karapetyan also perfect. So what is broken at KTTV?

THE MORNING! and here is how. Let us go over it again for the umteenth time.

Viewer demographics, who is watching, when and why.

5am to 8am is the news crowd. This is what they want from the news. Traffic and weather. They can care a crap less about sports, and they might catch a very depressing glimpse of who got shot, runover and killed. They don’t care about which “hollyslut” tripped with a drink in hand and the skirt went flying. Weather and traffic. Why, because the news crowd is on the move for various reasons. Going to work, taking kids to school are two main ones that come to mind. This is why they are up early. Okay so again 5am to 8am.

Crowd number two are the entertainment crowd. They sleep in later and first start getting up between 8am to 9am, some may sleep longer. They are not really going anywhere maybe except shopping or later to the office when most morning traffic is gone. They do want more of an entertainment venue. With me so far broccoli head? So this entertainment or crowd two is watching on average from 8am to 10am. They want very little news and require an entertainment show, not three hours of news mixed with a mish mash wannabe entertainment product that is so disorganized it makes one’s head into a vegetable.

So here is step one to fixing the KTTV morning. Viewing times. Change the viewing times for common sense. Stop trying to go tit-for-tat with competitors. Instead lead and provide. If you build the right stuff, they will come.

I will rewrite step two in a few days on fixing GDLA into an entertainment venue. If you can’t wait, go back in my archives, it’s there already.

So again KTTV Execs, step one is viewing times. Like Judge Judy says…common sense. A little goes a long way!


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