GDLA, The Great, The worst and the Awful!

First the great! Steve Edwards is officially back 😀

Mr. Steve Edwards

Now the worst. Sandra Endo on a tight wire.

See how easy she makes it look at KTTV and she really does it for peanuts!

Now the Awful.

Broccoli Head and the Broccoli gang at KTTV have got a serious self inflicted ratings drop going. I don’t think Mr. Murdoch could ask for a better suicide of a morning show than what I watched this morning. I honestly don’t blame this on the before the camera folks, rest easy guys and gals. Instead I blame it on Newscorp and the people below Mr. Murdoch who are trashing the KTTV mornings. There is no better way to describe the self-inflicted wounds that KTTV continues with. Yeah I know, Maria Sansone got preggo. Yeah I know that Julie Chang went surfing and found a brain tumor. Yeah I remember that KTTV axed about half their crew. They gave FOX west a “Crew Cut” or what they also used to call a “Butch” hairdo.


Here is what they could do now and actually make permanent. Okay Lisa Breck likes it as is I suppose so I won’t include her here even though I think personally she should be the permanent anchor or at the very least one and only Entertainment Reporter.

Pull in Gina Silva next to Steve Edwards as anchor. Get Gina all dressed up, let her be giggly and chuckle like she always does. No more “BIG BAD GINAS” coming to a home. Instead make one of the best local co-host anchors you have and lets see how that works out. This nonsense of a new person again every morning just does not cut it guys. Got that—Broccoli? It doesn’t work. It’s an immediate channel-changer.

Next, GDLA needs a total reformat. That’s right. What I saw was finagled hazari this morning. It was like a bunch of shysters running around making a mensch of themselves. One wanted one to do this, another wanted another to do that, this one was off, that one didn’t know what was going on and the whole thing was a giant drek, not Spielschmucks movie, but honestly a great big mess. So the show is long over due for a reformat, because without it, I don’t believe it will remain long, and let me again for the umpteenth time make a statement. Changing hosts, redecorating a set won’t fix it. If you want ideas, read my old archived posts on how to fix GDLA.


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