How Rupert Murdoch Could Make Big Bucks For…

decades to come for Newscorp. Not one single movie but how about 19 overall. That my friends is a franchise and those are rare and lucrative in the entertainment biz. Yes there are TV series, but those are an ongoing thing. A series that big of movies though, that is quite something else. The past dictates there have been some franchises. James Bond 007 series comes to mind. When was the first one? Oh the start of the 1960’s like over 50 years ago, says a lot and there is still life in that franchise.

Small to big screen franchise money makers. Star Trek. How many movies are we now? And yes it has a long life span too.

J.T. Walsh, Hollywood’s leading character actor was able to before his untimely death locate such a potential money making franchise. He discovered the “Sheriff Wyler Scott Series” and at the time it had only two stories. Today as of this posting it has five and heading towards six and more, 19 planned in all, most already plotted. J.T. first caught interest when he was offered a chance to read this. Remember that he was in the mid 1990’s till his death, Hollywood’s leading character actor. His estate was filled in rooms with movie and TV teleplays and scripts to the ceilings. Work was never an issue for this very talented actor that Jack Nicholson dedicated his Oscar too in 2000. When J.T. was handed the second manuscript in the series about a Cahuilla Indian framed for a murder he did not commit. An ex Green Beret decorated war hero who is a Pu~ul a real group of shaman with gifted powers also known as “The Witchmen of Palm Springs” California. Well, in that story the Indian gets free and sets to find those who nearly destroyed his life. Chased by good guys trying to find all the pieces to the puzzle and the very bad guys and gal behind his near demise, it gets quite wild. J.T. was asked how long it would take him with his busy entertainment schedule in the entertainment movie industry. His reply originally was about 3 months. The following evening he called the authors house excited. Hollywood’s leading character actor now a budding movie director and in two years a movie producer had found a gold mine. And while he was excited about the novel “Idyllwild” and then read the first one “Contact of the Forestry Kin” with bigfoot in it. He wasn’t aware of the third story “The Trail To East Mohave” perhaps the wildest chase from page one to the very last paragraph across the wild west, the third in the series. Or the fourth story a modern day range war “Broken Canyon,” or the fifth story “The Chocolate Mountain Murders” with the takeover by bad youth of an evil ancient Indian God that could destroy the planet and extinguish life. Or the mini sequel to the CMM which is “Tahquitz”…

So Mr. Rupert Murdoch who has a sort of heads up on all of this and is in a rather advanced unique position to grab a goldmine before others take it and provide REAL entertainment, not over rated commie crap like what Tinselturd town has been doing lately. Big question is will his people and he realize the very franchise that could easily be here for a long time and many profits? Only the big guy himself knows.

And it never hurts to periodically toot toot one’s own horn. If you don’t toot, they’ll never know 😉

and a sneak peak because you got here…Coming in 2014






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