2014 Sebassh Award

Every year at the start of a new year I honor both a male and female celebrity, not in a negative fashion but rather a very big positive posting. It’s my way of saying thank you to them both for being a role model of a “REAL” Hollywood that was not controlled by communists in the government with communist handlers like today’s Hollywood is as an industry. So for my first pick, a true lady from what was a “REAL” entertainment industry I want to honor a real and great American “Maureen O’Hara” who as of this posting today at 93 is still with us. What a great and grand talent she has been to a great many of us. Unlike today’s Hollysluts

Hollyslut #1

Hollyslut #2

or Popsluts

Popslut #1

Popslut #2

Maureen O’Hara represents everything normal and right with a broken industry that no longer entertains, but manipulates people. So this lovely lady a true lady, a real American born in a free America representing our original country and entertaining us all deserves an award for her part and she wins my 2014 Actress award. Thank you Maureen for being a true lady!

Maureen O’Hara

The following Maureen movie is in the public domain. If you have time, sit back, watch and enjoy the fine acting.


My second pick and the Male entertainer award goes to Mr. Danny Thomas. I had the pleasure of watching him perform at Harrah’s in Lake Tahoe California during the summer of 1970 and I will never forget him. He was a true gentleman and a great performer. Marlo Thomas father while big in his own right did a number of charitable things to help out others. A solid pro American from a more elegant age, he established St. Jude hospital to help out people and I don’t know of a bigger thing a person can do with their time or money than to help out others in need. He joked on stage during the Tahoe show about his busy daughter Marlo Thomas and I actually enjoyed that family jab. Others I got to see were Emmet Kelly a famous clown. He was up in Tahoe that summer and also a show I missed but my dad heckled and got ripped from the stage guy for heckling him was Mr. Don Rickles. I just love all these guys, so precious, so large and a great part of a REAL America that is being taken away from us by commies and the Tinselturds in the industry.

Tinselturd #1

Hobnobs with commies while living high!

Tinselturd #2

Hates many Whites, conservatives a REAL America.

So this year’s second and male performer award goes to a Mr. Danny Thomas. Thank You Mr. Thomas, it was fun. Thanks for being a REAL American who cared about everyone and his country and freedom!

Danny Thomas

Thank you Misses O’Hara and Mr. Thomas from a still real America, with pride.


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