Bag The L.A. City Council

Except Bernard Parks much to his credit. The former Chief of Police in L.A. turned councilman was the only no vote against removing your freedom and endangering you at the same time. In a 11-1 vote, Parks was the only “NO” vote. In his wisdom, he realized that people need those plastic bags and paper bags for their groceries. And who else was behind the environ-communist push to remove your freedoms? “Heal The Bay” was. They over exaggerated the problems using plastic bags. This is because if you ever look in the Los Angeles river, you will see decaying bags stuck in the trees and bushes down there out of how many billions of bags? Then there was the swing vote push by the idiot City Councilman from Chatsworth. He claimed he saw many plastic shopping bags in his trees, not the L.A. River trees, in the above ground trees.

Now let me ask you all. Have you ever, even during high winds seen one plastic bag in a tree? That’s what I thought. On top of that, these bags do disintegrate. What other uses were these bags used for besides making it easy to safely get your groceries home? DOG POOP! That’s right, many owners carried bags to pick up dog poop because they worked well. Ever try and carry a pooper scooper set while handling more than one dog on a leash? It’s bad enough with one dog, with two or more, forget it. And where and how long are you going to carry the pooper scoop in the open with flies buzzing around you and the crap?

Also behind the push was Kroeger Corporation particularly Ralph’s. There was no need for this ban to suit a small group of environmentalists wants while putting the general public in danger, yes danger.

It seems that studies have found the reusable bags pickup and hold deadly contaminants that can be life threatening. So in essence, the environmentalists and big box super markets pushed for this as well as Los Angeles City Council. So what’s a poor shopper to do?

I’ll tell ya. If I was an attorney I would be salivating over the class action mass lawsuit that exists here. Yes, if you are an attorney this could be your goldmine. Consider your clients are getting sick, some lose their lives. Blame the reusable bags and blame the people who supported this ban. Like for instance sue “Heal The Bay” and heal them out of existence. Sue the Coty of Los Angeles for endangering the general public. Sue the supermarkets for not providing the safe way to carry their groceries home. That’s right, sue, sue and sue until they learn that when they put the population in danger to practice the removal of a proven safe way to transport food products, they will think twice before foisting their communistic crap on others.

Now…is there a lawyer ready to profit from the goldmine of a bag ban and reusable dangerous bags?


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