End of 2013…How To Fix America!

Okay so it is the last night of the year, 2014 hours away and how to fix America to being great like her people can be and the land.

1.) Reign in commies in the news media. Open an investigation, names and attachments to government of the news heads, throw their asses in jail for life. News media and paper problems fixed!

2.) Ezekiel Emanuel. Who put this asshole in charge of Hollywood? Get rid of this asshole, investigate on treason charges as a commie, throw in jail. Committee investigates other commies in Tinseltown, their asses in jail for treason and sedition. Does this work for you? Works for me! Problem fixed.

3.) Another committee on commie teachers. Treason against society. Employee these teacher and school admin assholes, let em break rocks on the chain gang for a century or two. Problem fixed.

Want more, not to worry, I’m just getting started…okay?

4.) Tree hugger commies. Remember when Gorby said he was getting into environment issues, well guess what. Once a commie, always a commie. No toilet paper for you, plastic bags, the commies remove your freedoms by removing what you live with. SCREW these assholes. Shove a redwood up their ass and investigate. Treason charges, let them chop wood on the chain gang.

5.) WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA FREE Trade. No such thing. Let’s call this a new term I coined as “Corporate Communism” or fat greedy bastards. Free trade means Americans making products, not everyone else on the globe while Americans are made jobless. Go back to what worked. TARIFFS, less government red tape on businesses, tax cuts for businesses that hire Americans, pull out of the WTO and world communism. Forget NAFTA, CAFTA and other AFTAS. Free Trade means American products by American labor and while I am at it, cut unions. If you want a prime example of a non union business of this writing, “Trader Joes” markets, non union and pays good too.

6.) National Health. Yeah right, authored by Ezekiel Manuel, the guy whose brother runs the most dangerous city in the world. Can someone please throw this asshole in jail? Have a free market! We had the best medical system in the world bar none before the communist Nazis came in. Time to forget it.

7.) Government Unions. Disband! Yup, break those suckas up and most corruption will disappear. This was started by Governor Jerry Brown during his first term. Brown is that bald headed guy who looks like a thug and acts like one. Unions for government employees are a contradiction to the system that only a thug could conceive. How about that Jerry šŸ˜‰

These are just the starts but they go a long way to begin fixing what has been destroyed rapidly by communist thugs. Hopefully 2014 will see perhaps a change, otherwise it will become a grim ending to a once great country, one nation under God!


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