Duck Blacks!

I actually feel that what Phil said about Black Americans on the A&E controversy was just atrocious. Slavery was a horrible thing and that goes for anyone who experienced it. On the other hand while it is a horrible comment that he made about blacks being happy under slavery, it is still his free speech. Just like Gays want free speech I must say that cuts both ways. You cannot bully someone else without expecting others to freely bully back with their free speech. There is the old saying, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me.’ Yet this is not taught in schools to young kids anymore. Now days, they are told to report it and then the adults in a police state take it from there to an entirely new level. It’s called being too sensitive. The problem is that while you may silence someone from speaking these days, you do not necessarily deflate the bad feelings and pent up animosity. In fact, if anything, it becomes a powder keg under flames and what happens to a gun powder keg when it gets too hot???

The main problem is that Phil didn’t have to add those comments about blacks, but he did, and that was his free speech. While I disagree with Phil, I also recognize that others are allowed to speak out as well, since it is their free speech. If you do not honor freedom, what you gain is totalitarianism and everyone loses big. So while there are good things to say, we must have the 1st Amendment to protect bad speech too otherwise we are no longer free.


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