How Brian and the gang continue to BF Racing Fans.

That’s right Brian France (initials: BF) keeping bending fans over and giving it to us. I think most stock car racing fans have your number and it’s a losing one. You know something folks. Is this guy and the gang under his thumb really that stupid or what? First they try and kill off winners and winning teams. These people went to a rear spoiler on cars just to take the winning wing away from one driver namingly Jimmie Johnson. Then they maintain restrictor plate racing to cut the speed and power of the cars. What part about the word ‘racing’ does these assholes not understand?

1.) Racing is being as fast as you can be.

2.) Racing is being the first to cross the finish line with a checkered flag. Nothing else counts.

As sure as I am posting this folks, NASCAR and what Brian France does not get. “Outta sight, outta mind” or “how to kill a national sport faster than a pigeon turd on a pedestrian at rush hour.” Here, I am not the only one speaking out, view what other longtime fans have to show and say.

And while we are at it with “BF” f’ing up Nascar there is “BS” whom I must say is just as accountable. That would be Bruton Smith and here is why. He has a Nascar MONOPOLY. Here are the known race tracks he owns. Ready?

“BS” owns Texas Motor Speedway, Bristol, Las Vegas, New Hampshire, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Sonoma tracks. What would be said if a NFL owner owned these many teams? I think this speaks volumes of what is broken with the sport and why. Ultimately this falls back to “BF’s” shoulders. Weigh in if you need to comment. Between BF and BS the fans are getting stiffed bigtime and it ain’t pleasurable either.


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