GDLA Without Two Yentas 1 Year Later

So a year has gone by and the two yentas that were like chicken hawks picking apart main host Steve Edwards on Good Day L.A. are gone. So I wondered, was it really for the better? Did things get worse, how has the change held up with viewers?

Well first and foremost, both yentas were despised by a great many viewers and for various different reasons. That is a simple fact, not a personal statement. Just google many blogs and the replies on the former two yentas and you will hear some of the meanest nastiest things spurted out across the net you could possibly imagine. No from me, but the countless public mass out there. Yes there are pro posts for the two yentas, but for the most part it is way negative. However, that stated, they made it easy for FOX to chuck their CaRears away with ease. The underlying reason for the ratings drop in viewers still to this day has never been fixed. The main reasons are GDLA show format and viewing times and length. Those two have done more to hurt GDLA than anything else and continue to suppress the show. Yes, you can change cohosts, yes you can bring on big named stars and celebs, but ultimately the viewer has chosen a different direction.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are additional issues as well. Smartphone and tablet technology other competing media formats and forms. These all chip away at what time the viewers have to watch GDLA.

As for the current cohosts, Maria Sansone is excellent and the chemistry between herself and Mr. Steve Edwards I cannot describe but it works and quite well. She is pretty, smart, patient and pretty spot-on when she speaks. In essence she isn’t blabbing about her husband, sex and boobs, a small or big ass, nope. Maria Sansone has class for the most part. Likewise my always sentimental favorite entertainment reporter Lisa Breckenridge a truly bright beacon and very much a “LADY!” Then there is the pretty and bright Gina Silva. I really wish FOX would stop with the we’re going to send Gina after you stuff. It is a major turnoff and also it places this lovely reporter and part-time anchor in peril as well. I surely hope that Gina will pick more cheery assignments. I do so love it when she giggles and is having fun. While I realize there are very bad folks out there, it is so very important to perhaps change this with Gina.

The problem I have with the weather. Maria does a great job no issues there. But the weathercast is very weak because while they show the stacked numbers of the highs they don’t show stacked numbers of the lows. KTLA does…take a hint Broccoli Heads at KTTV.

As for the GDLA cohost change, did it work out? Yes! Was the new set format and decor necessary? No! Could the CaRears of Dorothy Lucey and Jillian Reynolds have been salvaged? Yes! But a CaRear change still does not fix the underlying problems and until those are addressed, the ratings will never rebound high enough to stifle the competition and that is so very sad. Since these are self-inflicted wounds KTTV is giving itself.



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3 responses to “GDLA Without Two Yentas 1 Year Later

  1. Totally disagree. GDLA is extremely boring without Jillian, Dorothy, and Jean. I am not a fan of Maria, Lisa B, or Chang. So many of us have switched to Channel 5. Based on my observation, they fired the older ladies and hired younger ones and kept Lisa B. Sounds like discrimination because of age.So many of us were so disappointed in fact pretty pissed off because of their decision. Ratings speaks for itself. Not too crazy about my new News station channel 5 but will not watch GDLA 11. Miss you Steve,

    • Well I must respectfully disagree wholeheartedly. Both co-hosts did it to themselves. The younger one talked about her boobs a lot, sex with hubby, she relished the image of a slut and loving it. Went on the Howard Stern show and revealed her vagina tightness, nipple size and how she gave oral sex to a Hollywood celebrity, all while she was on FOX Football as well as co-hosting a family morning entertainment/news show.

      Even worse, was “The Church Mom” as she billed herself. This woman acted so sex depraved it did not stop. I heard things like “My Boobs Are To Small,” supposedly talking about a youth on top of it, and to top that off, squeezing her shoulders together while smiling and making that statement. Or my Butt is to Big. Referred to the other woman’s child toddler as a wet tee-shirt contest. Every other thing with the church mom was about sex,sex,sex,sex,sex and it carried on to her blogs as well. “Milfs In Mexico” comes to mind. Look up the word Milf, I did and my jaw dropped when I learned, thanks to the church mom, what it really meant. In addition, you are in the minority of voters. The greater majority across the net in opinions shows that FOX and KTTV Management made the right decisions. Now, can it have been fixed by sitting both co-hosts down and talking to them? Yes! Was their antics the reason for GDLA’s ratings plummet? It didn’t help the ratings. But worse for both co-hosts. THEY MADE IT EASY FOR THE NETWORK TO GET RID OF THEM. I shouted that for you to illustrate the truth. They did it to their own CaRears.

      Now were they to blame for GDLA’s drop in ratings? No. The problem I have repeatedly identified that goes unfixed is viewer demographics, format and viewing times. I have laid out a road map of what is really broken in numerous archived posts here. Go look em up. But as far as the co-hosts go, they set themselves up to get canned faster than a Charlotte Tuna at the Cannery and that’s fast!

    • One other note. Lisa Breckenridge, an absolute sweet lady. Maria Sansone and Julie Chang are light years ahead of what was going on every morning. Gina Silva, Maria Quiban, Araksya all excellent. Do I miss Jean? Yes very much. But they actually have a great crew now. The main problems that are holding the show back are time it is on, length of time that is and viewing times too. And format of the show, which is a horrible mess. I have blogged about these consistently and they are a real fix. In essence GDLA is its own worst enemy, but it is fixable and could make a roaring comeback I believe with tweaks to all of these formatting and underlying factors. Could Dorothy and Jillian have been saved? Absolutely. But they made it easy to make themselves scapegoats of a sort. Just gogle their names and read viewer comments on them especially at the end of their GDLA CaRears and you will read some of the harshest comments out there and I might add by a majority of GDLA viewers too. A shame really 😦

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