A Gay Poem For Scouting ;)

Oh back in 2001 a fat Lesbian on the Los Angeles City Council who hated the Boy Scouts decided to deny the troops of kids the usage of city parks. After all, if they didn’t teach kids how to smoke and ride a baloney pony, then why let them use government property. Makes sense for the anal and oral crowd, you know the group, the anti-A&E Duckhunter, humpers. The ones that scream against intolerance, and then ram their sexual connotations down everyone’s throat with pleasure.

Well, the idiots that run the Boy Scouts of America decided to make it the Gay Scouts of America. Do they really think they will control one boy on another in the tents when it happens or will it be just another liberal goof up to an “I told you so,” deal? Remains to be seen. Now don’t get me wrong, I know gay people and the people I know don’t even think about their sexual preference. They are pretty normal and hard working folks, and very nice and considerate people you don’t know are gay, because they don’t try to ram their ideas and lives down everyone else’s throats or destroy a traditional family organization, nor go into elementary and kinder garden schools preaching the baloney pony lifestyle.

And the GLAAD crowd also is quite hostile to bada-bing, the ex Gay crowd. You know the ones. The groups of men who marry women and women who marry men, but used to live the erhmmm, other chosen sexual preference. The problem is nobody really stands up to the anal and oral crowd or the strapons, so perhaps we should point out that you cannot scream you are being bullied while you are the bully. That is what happened to A&E’s Phil and the Duckhunters family show that I have never watched. So starting January 1st 2014 the Boy Scouts will become an unofficial Gay Scouts as many concerned parents and whole troops rapidly disappear. To honor this new change in celebration, I would like to go back to the poem “Eagle Scout Quorum” I authored in my “L.A. Grudge Poems Volume 1” and make it available for reading. I think through literature like this, we can get our viewpoints out as well. It is time to stand against the tyranny of everyone out to take our freedoms away. America didn’t become free on its own, but rather by those willing to speak out. So, with no further hadoo, enjoy the literature.

Eagle Scout QuroumCopyright © 2001 All Rights Reserved

That old city council, so big and so tough.
They”re trashing L.A., with all of their guff.
This time it’s the Scouts, who stood moral ground.
That big city hall, could trample them down.
No more fine badges, no cookies, no camp.
Trashed by a Council, who was led by a tramp.
It was an issue, no moral concern.
That brought down a group, that was pleasantly stern.
They believed in their country, their values and God.
The council that trashed them, how very odd.
No it’s not odd, but a decision of gender.
The boy Scouts could not, survive the bender.
No more parks, just kick those kids out.
In the name of sex, I believe it’s about.
We don’t like those groups, who supply what is right.
Instead to the gangs, those kids will take flight.
There won’t be much guidance, love or fun.
Those very young kids, will trigger a gun.
No crosswalk help, for old aunt Sadie.
Instead they’ll shoot, kill that dear lady.
No badges, no camping, but they’ll have their guns.
To shoot, rob and steal, is so very much fun.
They might shoot the council, If one day for fun.
All it takes, is a kid with a gun.
There’s a price to pay, for that city group.
They cower away, while the people lay duped.
C’mon wake up folks, this was the Boy Scouts.
An American icon, with a century’s clout.
They do all the good things, a kid oughta get.
I’ll tell you right now, it re-moves a threat.
Instead of the murders, the drugs and the gangs.
The Scouts represent, a whole different shebang.
Who will be next, girl scouts with their cookies.
City Tax people, and all of their bookies.
They tax lemonade, they kicked out the Boy Scouts.
How long will it last, before we throw you out.
Oh yes, city council, we all can vote too.
To get rid of council and people like you.
I cannot think, of a better way.
To instruct our young ones, so they’ll want to play.
They learned respect and discipline too.
But now it’s all gone, no thanks to you.
No Eagle Scouts, no tents and campfire.
For a sexual preference, you removed their desire.
What’s with your group, can’t you get it right?
You’ve developed a city, contorted by fright.
No one can speak freely, in this tinsel town.
To utter a wrong word, gains your big frown.
You run our city, like a communist camp.
All on behalf, of a Hitlarian stamp.
I thought we were free, to have scouts at hand.
But hey America, L.A. isn’t a free land.
So with a big smile, we must throw you out.
To restore God’s Scouts, and all of their clout.
It’s a matter of right, versus feelings that hurt.
Their way of life, we need not convert.
We know what goes on, in those big council meetings.
Good people gone, from their verbal beatings
And so it is time, that I call on you.
Give those Rat-Bastards, just what is due.
When that day comes due, you enter the booth.
A vote for what’s right, a vote for our youth.

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