KTTV Nightly Newscast Extremely strong.

The replacement of Carlos Amezcua with Tony McEwing has panned out to be the right move. The Tony-Christine team is perhaps one of the strongest I have watched in a long time and should draw viewers though some changes could make it better. I don’t care for Koh personally, he just comes across as too goofy giving sportscasts. I much prefer the smoking hot Liz Habib as she is much more on target with this. Likewise I prefer Liz to Pablo Carerra giving the weather. In actuality my really big preference and if I might as a Jew, say, Christmas wish is “BRING BACK MARK THOMPSON Mr. Murdoch. You know the gentleman who dances. Was with KTTV loyally for viewers over 22 years. If KTTV execs ever “F’ ed up” big it was canning a guy who drew attention across the country and canning him faster than a fly on holy cow crap! Mark Thompson deserved a greater deal of respect than what was foist on him so Mr. Murdoch, maybe you can get Broccoli Head and the vegetable gang who manages (Ha!) KTTV (as if they are getting it right) and rehire and restore the dancing weatherman back where he should be rightfully to this day.

I am sure Mr. Thompson whom I do not know personally and have never met nor talked to would be willing in good faith to give us the weather back. That would be my bigger Christmas and New Years wish and would solidify the strength of the evening news.

As for Christine Devine I have no qualms. Tony, I just love the dude (not sexually Tony…I’m straight) Hopefully Tony adjusts. He has the greatest range of funny expressions and a bit of attitude that just makes him a warm human being. I don’t think I could praise the guy more than that. Yes I did get to meet Pablo’s family about a decade ago, very nice folks. My slant would be move Pablo to the earlier news casts. I know he’s a very nice gentleman who has bounced from station to station, always hard when you are trying to feed a family, but for the very late night 10PM news team Mark just seems right no matter what.

As for Carlos. He just came in belligerent and never really impressed. Yes I heard he was a nice guy even though I felt he acted like a real prick to the bloggers, myself included, and honestly I wish this guy no ill will. I couldn’t be happier he is gone and hopefully for good from FOX. That alone is worth singing the following tune in celebration of a warlock.


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