Bikes we’d all like to have.

Honestly, you know. It’s an awfully great feeling passing some dude on a $6,000 pedal bicycle in his little tights, colored jersey, matching socks, helmet and bicycle color, dangling little mirror from the helmet which reminds me of Colonel Klink’s monacle. You know what really pisses these arrogant bastards off when you pass em on a 96 dollar Walmart bicycle and they try to humanly catch up, but cannot and quit. These are the same aholes that remind me of the 1950’s crowd that gave it to Elvis Presley when he first did his little dance. This of course is due to several factors.

1.) They spent a fortune feeling good and now they feel like a stupid schmuck. Good going guys.

2.) The bike paths belong to them alone and nobody else. Idiocy is a one way path to more idiocy. Enjoy the ride guys.

3.) They have the fastest bicycles on the path. Until I get my ebike there and then it’s piss off time for the over priced bicycles and egos, on a 98 dollar bicycle.

Forget the fact they won’t keep their speeds up for 29 miles and consistently just to stay ahead of me. Nope, ain’t gonna happen. I been cursed at, harassed, my ankle and wheel kicked by an irate idiot who said a class 406b bicycle ain’t legal. I helped him fly with the bird and a game of catch me if you can. He tried and then POOPED out! And still like the eve r ready bunny I keep on biking. So what is this topic post about? Well it’s about change and accepting it and living with change in peace. You let me ride and I won’t help ya fly with a one fingered salute.

So let us now look at that change. Pedal, Twist Throttles and Thumbs 😉

Yeah!!! Jet powered bicycles, they do exist. And kits are available for about a grand. Drawback, they use a lot of fuel for a very fast pop down the road. Forget pedaling 😉

And what about fast electrical bicycles that cost less than 10 grand for what the jerks laid out for a pedal bike and tights?

Lauren Sanchez Izip…eat yer heart out 😀


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